Wear & Tear on Antik Cervo Bags

  1. I know several of you have purchased Pradas with the Antik Cervo treatment to the leather. How is it wearing for you? I know there have been some recent issues with metallic finishes, but what the Antic Cervo? :shrugs:
  2. Prada Psycho: I'm really glad you asked this question, because I've been wondering the same thing myself. I've really come around to the Antic Cervo satchel. (Just saw one IRL in Saks two days ago.) Since it came out in late July/August, I figure that some tPFers must have owned it for about five or six months now. How is the leather wearing (it's deerskin, right)? It seems kind of delicate to me. (The one I saw in Saks was pretty scratched up, which made me nervous.)
    Prada antic cervo satchel.jpg
  3. It's not so much the leather, Cosmopolitan, but the finish that I'm curious about. Deerskin is good, tough wearing leather but the "antik" finish may or may not be. Hopefully someone will pipe in and let us both know how theirs is doing. I don't mind superficial scratches because that's just part of the "normal" wear and tear that comes with using anything (like the dings in my car's paint....let's not go there...). My concern is that given the price tag that comes with the Antik line, I want to know it's going to hold up. :yes:
  4. This is one that I'm totally in love with. :love:
  5. I just got back from my Saks..They have that bag Prada Psycho.
    I have this in a wallet and it holds up well.I know it looks as if itll scratch BUT mine HAS NOT! LOVES IT!.I came this close to buying the 2500 satchel....I have it in another leather..and have been dying for another one!
  6. Interesting question... I would not be happy to buy a bag that scratches either.
  7. [​IMG]

    ^Cosmopolitan....(Borrowed your pic...thanx..great taste!!) Do you have this bag!?!? I was just ready to post a new thread...I want a bag w/ double handles....Almost bought a Gucci but didn't quite like the 'shape'...Now this is perfect!

    Jill..Did you see this bag at Saks or Prada Pyscho's pic? Let me guess I have my eye on a $2000+ bag? What is the exact name of this bag..I def need to do some research...2007 right? Thanx!! :heart: Emmy
  8. ^Its the Antic Cervo Satchel...sold out in Most other stores.My SAKS had BOTh bags today.I was shocked.The cervo satchel is 2500!!Im dying for another one..BUT PHH may kill me if I buy one..LOLOLOL!
  9. ^No he won't..He sounds too sweet!..Hmmm..Think they will go on sale? I just saw it on Neiman's website..$2450!! :push: I'd buy it if it came down...way down...waaaaaaaaaaaaay down! *sigh* I'm budgeting this much for my first Chanel next year....Def have to wait for this to go on sale..If it ever will...:crybaby: :heart: Emmy
  10. Yes, I understand (and share!) your concerns about the finish to the leather. (Incidentally, I own another Prada deerskin bag from a couple of seasons ago and it has held up great. But it does not have the shiny finish that this line does.)

    The antic cervo satchel that I saw on display in Saks had several long, deep scratches on the front--not just the usual wear-and-tear--but you never know what those "display" bags go through, right? It could have been a return or something.
    Doesn't any tPFer own one of these bags yet? :sos:
  11. I have the drawstring tote in this leather and finish, and have used it a lot since late August, more than I normally use one bag. It has held up really well and without special attention. I think that's why I've used it so much, because it seems so non-delicate to me. There are so far no major scratches. The corners, seams and areas of most antik effect treatment are fine, with no wearing off of the coloration. Does this help any?
  12. ^^^Thanks rollergirl, it helps a lot, from my point of view!
  13. I'm absolutely in love with this bag. It's on the top of my wish list.
  14. Emmy: Will this abg ever go on sale? Am holding out on buying too many bags cuz the ITbag for Spring/Summer 07 doesn't seem to have appeared yet...
  15. Mine is holding up very well - I'll take a picture of it tomorrow....and then post new and used pictures :smile: