Wear & Tear of Prada's recent nylon

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  1. Hello everyone,
    With the revival of Prada's nylon, I am eyeing the Prada Re-Edition 2005 nylon shoulder bag with the (90%) intention of buying.
    Though, I am still dithering because I do not actually see any updates of the wear and tear of Prada's nylon in the recent collections - latest offerings of revived shoulder bags and backpacks and messenger bags etc. - as most updates are reviews of vintage pieces.
    Can anyone attest to the quality of their nylon from the recent collections? How is it holding up?
  2. I bought a backpack exactly a year ago and it’s holding up really well! I stuff all sorts of stuff inside, including laptops, gym shoes and so far so good! Much better than a small backpack that I bought in 1998, the stitches kept coming loose and even result in holes in the bag. I gave up repairing that bag.
  3. I've been carrying the Re-Edition 2005 daily for the past 2 weeks and it seems to be holding up well. I haven't been babying it at all like I do most new handbags. The nylon and saffiano edges give me more confidence that it will remain in tact. Again, this is only after 2 weeks of use, so only time will tell.