wear on your bag?

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  1. I was wondering does wear show more on the lighter colors like the Noce or does it show more on the brown/blacks .TIA
  2. Yes! At least the limo does. Mind you, I rrally use my bags - get on the bus/tube with them, schlep them around overseas etc. Limo got dirty after only 4 months though.
  3. My ebano doesn't show too much wear and it has been through a lot.
  4. Same goes for mine, so I guess it's a safe colour.
  5. anybody with a bag in the noce color who would say theirs has a lot of wear?
  6. The one thing that my SA has told me about noce, is that after a while the handles darken due to the oil from your hands...it is a gorgeous color though...
  7. My noce handles have def. darkened. And certain areas of the intrecciato (like where my jeans rub--it's a tote) look "frayed" and dirty
  8. I was wondering about this exact thing. I've been trying to pick out a great shoulder bag in a light brown/dark camel color and think I'm falling in love with the (old style) Ball bag in Noce. But a few SAs have told me about how the lighter BV colors are very delicate and can have color transfer issues, but then backtrack slightly after I show interest in the noce (instead of ebano). I'd hate to spend so much on a bag that won't wear well over time :sad:
  9. My limo campana has been worn almost everyday since I purchased it (including to work which is NOT a clean carpeted office building, but rather a dog filled vet clinic), and shows no wear, even where it rubs on my jeans/belt. The only wear/darkening I can see if I look really closely is on the underside of the handles along the edges, but even that is more my imagination and paranoia! I try not to set my bag on the ground, but when I have, as long as there is no grit to scrape against my bag, or liquid to stain my bag, have had no problems. I cannot see noce being any more delicate than limo when it comes to wear or darkening/stains, and ebano seems almost bulletproof! Also, I believe others here have reported that BV will clean bags at no cost in the first year of purchase (correct me if I'm wrong, please!).
  10. For those who use their bottega's everyday, how do they hold up? Does the weave hold? Does the leather show scuff/wear on the corners? Does the zipper do well? I tend to think that my bottegas are delicate (because the leather feels so good), so I only use them on the weekends. Thanks!
  11. That`s what I was thinking first so I used my BV only sporadically, but turns out they`re even sturdier than some old canvas bag (at least the Nappa Umbria ones) and since, I`ve been mine almost daily.

    I`m treating it with care, but don`t think constantly of the bag when I go out with it and it has been completely fine with no wearing yet!
  12. My darker colors have had no problems. I think if there is piping on the edges they are bound to show some wear, but you have to get close up to see it.

    I don't have anything in Noce.
  13. My Roma in Old Petra, used almost daily from Mondays to Fridays since 5 months back, hardly shows any wear, no darkening of the handles too tho' I hand held it most of the time. I do baby my bags tho and take pains to make sure it sits on a clean chair/table. I've read somewhere here (sori, cudn't remember exactly where) that BV leather, tho' looks delicate, are actually rather hardy due to the quality of the leather used.
  14. Thanks to everyone for the info. The dirt on the handles doesn't bother me. (LV and other brands do the same thing.) I was just concerned about the leather and the fact that they are handmade. I think it's time for me to start using my bottegas alot more often!
  15. Definitely use your bag more often! They only get softer and more beautiful with use.