Wear on PttM Sasha

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  1. I have just noticed that on the back of my Cement Sasha the leather has started to become quite worn, and almost rubbed off, like what you normally see on the corners of bags that have been used much.
    I only bought the bag a few weeks ago, and I can't believe it's showing signs of wear and tear this soon, especially when I haven't even carried it every day..

    Does anyone else have this problem, and is there anything I can to to prevent the leather from wearing off even more?
  2. can you post some pics of the wear to see what you're referring to?
    do they look like scuffs or has the color/leather actually worn away?
    I know that my Brown Sasha had a lot of scuff and lighter markings when I first bought it, but I used some conditioner on the bag and it evened it all out and it looked nearly perfect. these bags are meant to have a vintage look to them, so a few markings here and there give the bag some personality, but if it's the color or the leather that's actually wearing away, then I'd say No, that's nor normal
  3. dazzlepuff, can you please post photos? I am thinking about getting something in cement but this makes me worry...
  4. I took some photos on my desk at work, not too good quality or light, but you can see the wear quite clearly even on these. I would say the leather is actually wearing away. I don't mind some markings, but feel this is quite bad for a few weeks wear.
    I will buy some conditioner for the bag, but I don't think it will help on these marks, hopefully it will keep the rest of the bag in good condition.

    Recieved the bag from ShopBop on the 11th January, so its not long ago...

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  5. Ooh, I'm so sorry to see that wear, dazzle. :sad: I haven't heard of any tPFers having leather issues with their Petal to the Metal bags, so I suppose it's an issue with this particular color. I have to say, I've owned two MbMJ bags in the past that have worn really terribly. I was able to return one of them to Nordstrom because of their wonderful return policy, but I doubt if shopbop will allow the return of a used bag. It seems like it's just happening from the fragile leather rubbing against your clothes as you walk, which is the problem that I had. Have you tried conditioning? Good luck!
  6. Thanks blackonmaroon. Such a shame, because I really love the bag, and don't want to worry about wearing it. I don't think I can prevent it rubbing agains my clothes. I guess this can happen when the leather is that soft, just found it strange that it did so soon. Will definitely put conditioner on the bag, and see if that helps. Let's hope it will, and that other tPFers won't have the same problem!
  7. It looks like I actually have the same problem with mine sasha in the rust color and I believe it started because of rubbing on my clothes and still dont know what to do and it upset me so much that I spent so much on the bag and it happened a week after wearing it :sad:
  8. oh no! sorry to see that. :sad: i am waiting for a black one in the mail and keeping my fingers crossed this doesn't happen. is there a leather cleaner you can treat it to prevent this kind of wear?
  9. you know, I had the Marsh Brown Sasha which was from the F/W season (the first release of Sasha bags) and the leather wore beautifully. Other than an occasional scuff here and there which buffed right out w/conditioner, it wore wonderfully. I traded her in for a Newsprint Sasha and while I couldn't quite put my finger on it, there was a definite difference between the leather on the two bags. The Newsprint leather was thicker and more coarse than the Brown. It didn't soften as quickly and/or smoosh up as nicely as the Brown one did and I actually ended up selling it.

    I wonder if the bags released for Resort may have some slight differences to them that might make them more prone to this type of wear? It does always seem that the first season a bag is released - those are usually the best ones and the ones produced later and re-released later on go through some changes that make them not as "nice" as the originals, KWIM?

    Regardless, I'm sorry to see that this happening to this bag - I can completely understand your disappointment and frustration and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some conditioner might help or at least prevent this type of wear from continuing to happen
  10. woah, what a bummer! it almost looks like a dye transfer though...

    i have it in black and have literally been wearing it every day since getting it mid december, and it looks as new as the day i pulled it out of the box.

    i wonder if it's just this color...
  11. I haven't seen this happening on my cement natasha yet...*crossing my fingers* but I don't wear it crossbody.

    My newsprint pouchette is still as good as new though, and that one gets bashed around and rubbed against my jeans a good deal.

    sorry this is happening to you dazzlepuff.. I'm hoping the leather conditioner will help. Pls keep us posted.
  12. Leather conditioner can help with dye transfer and the prevention of slight scuffs/marks, but it won't prevent the actual wearing down of leather. :nogood:
  13. I'm really disappointed to hear about this. What's been up with MbMJ quality control? Some of the bags are really great, but I've owned two that were just awful quality-wise. :sad:
  14. Best of luck to you dazzlepuff. I'm sorry to hear this about your bag, especially so soon. I really appreciate your input on this, though, as I am considering getting my own bag.
  15. dazzlepuff, i'm so sorry! to me, it loosk like the rubbing/scuffing that some of the carter line had issues with - they were also lambskin.

    i have the pttm sasha in rust and didn't notice anything, but i haven't used her much (and that needs to change!).