Wear on DE Speedy B corners so quickly?

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    Hey Speedy B DE owners, can anyone tell me if their DE speedy B has wear like this on the corners? I was so upset when I noticed this yesterday since I've only had had the bag for a few weeks, and I'm very careful with my bags. All 4 corners are like this. I thought it might have been scuffs, and already tried rubbing alcohol, baby oil, baby wipes, and Loving My Bags cleaner, and no difference. Now I think the pattern on the canvas has just worn off already on the corners. :sad:
  2. Yes, anything with exposed piping...you should be careful. This happens when you scrape/touch it against a wall, so I've read. A shoe cobbler can touch the scrape up for you.
  3. That happens to all canvas items. Some sooner than others. My de cles had half of the pattern missing bc of 1 years use lol.
  4. Sorry this happened to you so soon but yes, it looks like wear and tear.. It might be just from rubbing against anything really.. I have a regular DE speedy 30 and 2 of my corners are like this.. Even my DE neverfull MM looks like this in one corner... :sad: but I've had them both for about 2.5 years and used them a lot before..
  5. I posted the same question in the speedy club a while back. I think it's normal as mine is the same. Ive had mine for 1 year but haven't used it so so much and it looks like yours and a bit worse. Just as a matter of interest.. Do you use a base-shaper in yours? I have always used a base-shaper in my speedy and have been wondering if the base-shaper causes more wear on the bags.
  6. Hi...interesting question, but I do not use the base shaper. I bought this bag on ebay as brand new-never used. She said it was a "sample bag," which I took with a grain of salt. The bag is Made in France and date code indicates it was made in the 12th week of 2012. The leather trim looked crisp and pristine when I got it and the shoulder strap still had the cardboard on it. They verified authenticity at LV. Handles looked perfect and no gaps at ends of zippers. The only issue was that the coating inside the pocket was peeling. I am wondering now if it had been used though, maybe without the shoulder strap since that looked so new, and maybe I didn't notice the corners....I just don't know how I could have missed it. I used it for about 2 weeks straight, at the most, and then brought it to LV. They replaced the pocket for free and I received the bag back after 2 weeks, on Wednesday. I have been using the bag everyday since Thursday, and just noticed the corners yesterday. Now I'm wondering, did I cause the wear, was it there already when I purchased it from Ebay, or could it have happened during repair at LV? So weird....
  7. I dont think that wouldve happened at the repair, im guessing the bag was perhaps used and you didnt check the bottom very well.. 2 weeks is a rather short time for you to have caused it unless you were a little bit careless with it. Id say not to let it bother you, its bound to happen sooner or later and honestly its so minor and its only your own eyes that will notice it.
  8. Yeah...I guess I'll just have to get over it and enjoy the bag....it's in like new condition otherwise, and I got it for only $640, so it was still worth the price. ;)
  9. That is why I have hard time to purchase DE bags because the pipping problems, I have Trevi pm, I rarely carry her but found out the little scuff on the corner the other day, very upset.
  10. I noticed that the strap from Speedy B often falls at and gets caught on the corners of the bag...I wonder if the rubbing from the strap at the corners could have accelerated the wear....hmmm....i's not too bad now, but I just hope it doesn't get a lot worse.
  11. $640.... :cray: OMG!
  12. This is why my one DE bag will be my last I feel like wear is a lot more obvious on DE then mono because there is so much print.
  13. Agreed. Don't think about it - it still looks great. A little wear doesn't take away from it. Plus that bag will hold its value so if it really really bothers you, you can probably sell it in a year from now and get what you paid. :biggrin:
  14. Thanks to the original post, I've discovered this rubbing on the corners of my Eva, and my Macao Clutch which is only a couple of months old. I hadn't noticed it before. How very sad. Here I was thinking DE was almost indestructable! Also the squares that have the Louis Vuitton stamped on them are also cracking/wearing. So what, can I expect the whole print to just eventually wear off? Can anyone tell me that they've had their DE bags for years, and they still look great? I really don't want to lose faith in my beloved DE!