Wear LV NF to interview?

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  1. Hello Ladies;
    I am new to the club! I am planning on buying my very first LV Neverfull MM in damier next week :yahoo:(I have been saving up for 4 months!!!). Also I have just received a phone call for an internship interview at Procter and Gamble :yahoo:, it's a very big deal in my country because it is a famous company.
    So I would be either wearing Brown wool pants or my navy blue pinstrip pencil skirt ;)
    Since it would be my first day with an LV bag :heart: and I need a tote because I need to carry my resume and stuff like that , I would love to take it to my internship interview, what do you girls think?
  2. I think that will be perfect. Definately carry it. I was soooo hoping that you were going to say that it was Damier! That is the perfect bag to tote to an interview. I would go with the navy pinstripe pencil skirt too! Damier and navy are so classy together. As far as I can tell you got the job! Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  3. i think the neverfull is perfect, more so in damier. its gorgeous and understated
  4. great choice, and the very best of luck :smile:
  5. I agree. It's classy, but not flashy IMO
  6. Damier is fine for an interview. I wouldn't wear mono though.
  7. I made a big mistake once wearing a monogram LV to an interview. The Principal looked at my bag and made a face. They asked me why I became a teacher and she added, "since we know teachers are not at the top of the payscale in our country, what influenced your career choice?" She said it with such an attitude. I interviewed well, but I think the bag hurt my chance. Damier is so much better since it's very understated.
  8. Definatly wear it, I think that the damier is great for an interview.
  9. Personally, I'd wear something more simple and understated, preferably a solid color like black. You don't want to seem like you have tons of money or that you're after just perks in the job.
  10. I'm going to against what others are saying and suggest you wear a simpler purse. You don't know the person interviewing you and what their opinions are on designer goods. They might frown upon the fact that people spend money on designer items or they may love it - don't take the chance. Here's the thing: if you seem like you're richer than your interviewee it's a bad idea and you dont' know until you meet them.

    Of course, it also depends on your position and payscale. If you're going for a director/management then it should be acceptable. Otherwise keep it at home.
  11. I think damier is fine, I first thought you meant mono which would be an absolute no no for interviews IMO. However, amymaria has a point, it really depends on how well known Damier is in your country. I think 5 years ago in Austria no one would have known it's a designer bag...
  12. ITA. use the neverfull only if you'll go to the interview for management/creative position. otherwise, just find something else that is more subtle.
  13. I agree :yes:
  14. I'd wear something simple and plain. You want the focus on you not your bag!
  15. I would wear something plain. Good luck!