Wear Issues: Legacy Rory?

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  1. Hi! I took the plunge on Cognac Rory at today's Macy's sale... and was wondering. I know that concerns were raised about the edges of the duffles fading over time. As a victim of the original turquoise Sabrina debacle, I really want to avoid bags with fading-dye issues... and was wondering if anyone noticed similar issues with Rory (esp. Cognac Rory).

  2. I haven't had any wear issues on mine at all and I'm not gentle with my bags. I have the black and have had her about a month.
  3. I told my SA about the corners on the duffle and she showed me one colorblock rory from the display that has it.
  4. I have her in cobalt and do have a very small amount of it. I put leather moisturizer on it and it reduced the look of the rub-off by quite a bit. It's still there but hardly noticeable. It's not a deal breaker for me because I love the bag and don't expect perfection with them after I have been carrying them. However, it is disappointing that it happened so soon. So far it hasn't become any worse so if this is the worst it will get then I'm happy.
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    Thanks for the feedback- I really appreciate it! I ended up picking up a black Carrie at the Macy's sale today, and think I may return my cognac Rory. I've had enough corner-wear despair over my turquoise Sabrina to last a lifetime (erm, not to be too melodramatic about it or anything!). Thanks again!