wear black with damier or mini lin???

  1. would you wear a black outfit with a damier or mini lin bag? what about black & white outfit?:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. Sure, I do. Damier goes with just about anything IMO. Same with the Mini Lin...and I think the Damier would look pretty with black and white!
  3. I think they go well w/ both black and white ;)
  4. I wear black all the time and I have bags in both Damier and Mini Lin so I definitely think they both go well with EVERYTHING!!! :yes:
  5. ITA...Damier goes fantastic with black...I don't have any mini lin but damier is amazing with black IMO.
  6. :yes:
  7. Mini lin is amazing with black,too!
  8. sure :yes:
  9. Personally I don't think all browns go really well with all black outfits, so I think I'd prefer mini lin. Damier is quite discreet anyways so I don't think there'll be a problem though (I do also wear damier with black sometimes..)
  10. either would go very well with an all black outfit :yes: not too sure about B&W, as you're introducing a third colour. but maybe the Mini Lin with the light contrast stitching could work. better if it were cream, beige and very pale pink.
  11. They are both suit black.
  12. IMO LV goes with almost everything!
  13. Damier is def. a good choice for black, if you look close at the pattern there's a little black that runs throught it.....I would probably pick damier over mini lin for a black outfit but I think they would both go. For a black and white outfit I would have to see what kind of combo of black and white you're talking about......but that's where I would probably grab one of my epi pieces, maybe a multicolor but it depends on the outfit.
  14. Damier works well with just about anything....especially black!
  15. Definitely...I think it would look fanastic.