Wear and Tear?

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  1. I received my medium black pebbled Borough bag from Coach fp website on 2/13/14. It has been love ever since!! I am so terribly careful with my bag it's almost ridiculous. I never set her on the floor, she rides on my passenger seat.. I noticed today something that is really frustrating to me and am attaching a picture. This is the bottom corner of the bag, it seems like it's missing the top layer? Like it was skinned a little or something.. Not sure how this could have happened.. Is this worth contacting Coach about? I don't feel like this is wear and tear because of how I baby my bag but they may not think like I do. Thoughts please? I hope you can see what I'm talking about in the picture, it was extremely hard at that angle and the color to get a good pic. TIA!

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  2. Took a picture from a bottom angle with the flash on for a better picture.

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  3. I would take it in. I don't think any defect could be considered normal wear and tear in 7 weeks.
  4. I would take it in, but I just noticed today that I bumped into a stucco wall outside with my Borough and the wall scraped the corner....I was able to smooth it out by rubbing it but it is possible that you scraped the bottom corner on something without noticing? Those corners stick out from the rest of the bag. But, if it is not a scrape and it is corner wear, then you should definitely ask for an exchange or credit.
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    i guess scraping it on something could have happened although i feel like had that happened i would have been aware and made an immediate inspection.. i called coach and was advised to bring it in for possible exchange/repair depending on what the store thinks. i emailed my SA pics and she has asked for more and will have the store manager review it tomorrow before i make a drive out there.

  6. Yes, I think you would have been aware...the minute I felt the scrape on mine, I said "Aaacckk!!!!!" And was immediately rubbing it....turned out fine and hope yours will as well, one way or the other!
  7. Don't think that looks good...definitely bring it in! I had a problem with my patchwork clutch, and I was able to get it exchanged/returned. So I would ask the store and see what they say. Hope they'll make it right!