Wear and tear

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  1. Im hoping to get a motty grey or tan mini feye backpack.. i treat my bags well but i definitely use them and im hoping to use this bag when traveling.. i live in a country with almost zero rain but when i travel im worried about getting caught in the rain.. will i destroy the bag? Are those colors horrible with dirt and color transfer? I have too many black bags so tht isnt an option
  2. Sorry I can’t comment on the colors as mine is a blue gray color that’s not available now, but this backpack is great and so versatile. I don’t have any issues with the suede, but I did treat it. I live in New England so there’s lots of snow and rain to get caught in
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  3. do you mind if I ask how you treated it? did you take it somewhere or did you just buy a spray and do it yourself? do you have any spray you recommend? I live in Dubai and we MAYBE get 30 min of rain twice a year so im clueless to that stuff
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    I use an Apple guard spray. I get it on amazon. I just did it myself:smile: I’ve been using this stuff lately too. Also available on amazon. They are also supposed help protect against stains also ☺️

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  5. Is the colloni ok to use on the faye's leather and suede?
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