Wear and tear on Carlys


Jan 26, 2008
i LOVE the carly and i REALLY want to get one. There is no coach store around me, but I have a business trip coming up soon and they have a coach store there!!! Im a little bit worried because ive heard some stories about the carlys not lasting as long as they should be. ex) wear and tear happening faster than other coach purses and fraying. For those of you who own a carly, do you find this to be true? If you have had the Carly for awhile and it starts to fray...will they do anything for it if you bring it to the coach store (send it away to be fixed, etc)? Im not too sure on how exchanges and repairs work. Ive only been able to buy my coach purses off ebay!! Do you still find it worth it to spend the $398 on this bag? Thanks sooo much!! =)


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Apr 3, 2008
Spend the extra money and get the leather. Coach has a great repair policy if anything goes wrong down the road.


Dreamer of dreams
Feb 27, 2008
just adding, it's a little heavy, so I would try it out before you buy. It's not terrible, but if you are out all day, it starts to become a little cumbersome.


Jun 20, 2007
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my medium black sig has only had extremely little fraying in the top corner on one side. really had to look to see it. more fading to grey then fraying. used it A LOT since end of nov


Jan 31, 2008
I had a large sig carly that I got last July. In Feb, I noticed what looked to be 2 small holes at he top of the bag, where the fabric is folded-leading to the zippered part. You know? It was not a hole but the lighter part of the khaki frayed exposing the dark brown color underneath. I bought the bag at Macys and when I called Coach, Coach told me to return to them(Macys) and have them send it in for repair. I know from others that they can't fix so i would have gotten a credit to buy a new one. My Macys doesn't do repairing service so the SA that I deal with at Macys spoke to the managers and they replaced it with a brand new carly. I was going to do a med. leather instead but the med is too small for me. And I love the sig carly. So far, this one is fine. We will see. I have heard from this SA that the carly is always being brought back for this reason. Just the carly, not any other sig. bags. Weird.