Wear and tear of Mini wallet after a few months

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  1. #1 Apr 23, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2016
    Hi everyone,
    Need to seek some advice and greatly appreciate all help.

    My mini zip around wallet got pretty bad (in my own opinion) after only a few months of use and I blame my own roughness.
    I really love my mini wallet because it is so compact and it can fit inside my pillow comfortably with room to spare!!!

    Went to my local BV boutique and the SA said that it is normal wear and tear (but I only use it for about 4 months plus). Then when I ask whether I can send it for some repairs or touch up, he told me I am better off buying a new one as it will cost a bomb sending in.

    So I did bought another mini wallet from an individual seller recently but in a different colour.

    Thus I need to ask whether is it the manner in which I'm using it? Or is it because my old wallet is a very light colour(ciel)? I must admit I'm not really particular about keeping my wallet immaculate. I like BV for it lightness and hardiness. Thus I did not take really special care for it.

    So any advice as to how should I be using my new wallet so that it will not have the same fate as my old one after only a few months?

    I had attached pictures of my old wallet for references:
    Faded "yellowish" at every weave.
    Yellowish staining and peeling
    Leather peeling inside (can see the white beneath)
    Leather "cracking" and peeling at corner

    Thank you in advance!
  2. WOW.......is there any chance your wallet picked up color from the lining of your bag? It looks like dye transfer. My BV wallets have held up well but hubby's was a mess in a matter of months......the corners curled, the weave was loose.....very disappointing.
  3. Since the wear on the exterior weaves looks uniformly distributed, it’s likely from sitting in the purse and friction against other items or the purse lining. It helps to use a purse organizer made with polyester in neutral color. I used a red organizer and it caused color transfer.
  4. Imo BV small leather goods do not hold up.

    Light colors show wear more than dark colors

    You could send it to modern and have them fix it up for you
    If you are not happy with what your SA said I would contact customer service at BV NYC
  5. I am a devotee of the tiny wallet. I am surprised by the wear on yours. I used my violet one every day for four years and it still looks fine. I do lean towards saturated colors. I don't pamper my wallets but I am not very hard on them either. I am wondering if it's the pale color. It does look like it's been rubbing against something. Unfortunately, I have no advice. I am now using an Irish one and it looks fine also. I wish I could help, but alas, I can't......
  6. I buy dark accessories and keep my keys and other items in pouches now as I found they were scratching my wallets.
  7. I hadn't thought about keys. Mine are always on a lanyard that's wrapped around the handle of the bag.
  8. I'm surprised by the wear and discoloration on your wallet that developed in such a short time. I have two metallic small zip wallets that I use a lot. I also have 5 full size BV wallets that have no significant issues. I don't baby my wallets other than being careful with zipper contact. I agree with other posters that Ciel is a light color and definitely is susceptible to picking up dirt and color transfer. Do you carry the wallet in your hands? If so, hand cream and natural oils from your palm can transfer. The deep scratches appear to be from "use." Sorry I can't be of more help.

  9. Now that I think of it, I always just dump my house and car keys into my BOTD together with my wallet!
  10. Hi all,
    I truly appreciate all your replies. Thank you.
    You all have been great help.
    I went and check on my tourmaline pillow which I had for almost 2 years (and was using almost every day for a year back then) and found that it has wear and tear too but it definitely is not as obvious as my ciel wallet.
    So I guess Colour do play an important part. It does make me sad as I do love ciel Colour.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461516533.986285.jpg see the leather peeling is kinda like blending in. Not so obvious.
  11. The issues you're having with the Ciel remind me of the problem I had a Balenciaga bag in Sky Blue--a very similar shade. Even stored in a dust bag for a month before its first use (I got it in winter for use as a spring bag), the color yellowed. So I wonder if the shade is prone to that. As for the other wear, since you're using it daily, it seems normal. Sadly, I think it's the color that's making it look worse than it probably is.
  12. Could you dye it another colour / or have it dyed? Such a shame.
  13. I wouldn't dye it another color. I have seen things re-dyed and although the color looked ok the leather was not the same
  14. Having similar problem with the edge of wallet cracking. I took it into the BV shop in Zurich today only to be told by the salesperson "don't bother getting it fixed. It will only crack after 2 weeks. And perhaps you are opening and closing your wallet too often."

    Seriously - WTF? A wallet is meant to be used - hence the wallet should at least withstand being opened and closed.

    Very displeased with the after sales customer service. :mad::cursing::rant:
  15. This was very surprising. I have 3 BV wallets - none of them are peeling. They have all held up very well with my (ab)use. 1 is a card holder in olive , which is quite light in color. I used it everyday, even put it at the back pocket of my jeans. It hasn't shown any wear apart from the indentations from the cards themselves. I don't know if your's was a fluke or a problem of the color itself. Hopefully someone with ciel will chime in soon.