Wear and tear of lambskin vs. goatskin


May 26, 2016
I think I've decided to purchase the Velo, but now I'm trying to figure out which leather is better. Since this would be my primary handbag, the leather needs to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday life. Does anyone have any pics of their bags showing wear and tear? Or have thoughts they can share?
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May 29, 2007
bay area,California
I had a part-time in agneau (I sold it) from 2012-2016. The leather softened up really well and it was really durable. I bought a chèvre ME Clutch and so far so good, no wear and tear yet because I rarely use it. I think the chèvre is better longevity wise because the leather is thicker.
Sorry I'm no Bal expert, but I hope my opinion helps.


May 6, 2016
I had a velo in goatskin and it started to chip at the seam where u go in and out of the bag. Also at the buckles at the bottom corners of the bag (on the front) the colour started to chip there as well. As I only had this bag for 4-5 months not using it regularly (everything else was in like new condition) the store decided to give me credit for me to choose another bag. I may go lambskin on my next one even though they say that goatskin is supposed to me durable. Perhaps it was the colour I chose? It was a light pistachio colour.