Wear and tear and overall shape of your Celine Belt bag?

  1. I occasionally see a Celine belt bag for sale on reseller sites and I'm wondering whether the wear and tear, specifically the loss of structure, of the Celine belt bag is normal. Does the leather get softer and squishy over time? Do you have problems with the center of the bag sagging?
  2. I bought my Celine Belt bag in late 2014 and it still looks brand new. The shape is still perfect. There is no sagging and it’s not misshapen in any way.

    That said, it’s not a bag I carry everyday but I do use it about once a month or so. I also look after all my bags (they are like my children!) and stuff them when they are not in use. As for this Belt, I also store it upright and in its dust bag every time.

    IMG_6819.jpg IMG_6820.jpg

    Here are pics of my Belt. Still in good shape after 3 years! Wish I could say the same about myself! LOL! It’s a beautiful bag and I still love it as much today as when I first bought it. Hope this helps!
  3. I concur with @jooon on all the points above but would add that I also make sure the zip is fastened as I hand carry a lot. My bag is all perfect with no sagging but I use it more often that once a month.
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  4. @BigCherry, do you have any pics?
  5. Yes I did put some pics up fairly recently for someone on this Céline forum but can’t remember what thread. I’ll take a look and see if I can find them
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  6. I never use the zipper, actually, but my Mini Belt is still in perfect shape with no warping. That said, it's not a very old bag. I got it this past August.
  7. This bag and color are so beautiful. I wish that it was still made with this drummed leather.
  8. I've had a belt bag in box leather for over a year now. Overall, I am happy with how it has held up, as it definitely doesn't have problems with sagging or pulling in the middle like the Luggage or Trapeze. However, I will say that it's best to store it on its back because otherwise the weight of bag will start to make the bottom of the bag sag between the feet. The edge glazing does wear off quite quickly on zippers and the strap.
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  9. I've had my Celine Belt bag for over a year now. What I love about Celine bags is how they are able to maintain their shape over time. I use my belt bag maybe 2-3x a month. I do make sure thought that I don't stuff it too much and would not put any very heavy items inside. There would definitely be softening of the leather especially the wings/flaps where I tend to place my hand in to get some stuff inside the bag if I don't want to open it. Others claim that their bag kind of caves in at the front, but that didn't happen to my belt bag yet. Hope this helps. Here she is! 2017-12-03 06.11.59 1.jpg
  10. If you’re concerned about your bag sagging, you can get a stiff bag organizer and that will prevent any sagging in the future. I have a Samorga Alexa (regular size) organizer that I always keep inside my bag, and I think it’s helped a lot. Plus you may want an organizer in there anyway, as I find the roomy interior to be a bit of a black hole without an organizer. I use my Belt bag about 4x per week since it’s my work bag.
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  11. Thanks, ladies! This is on my wishlist and happy to see positive W&T comments.

    One quick question - what type of leather do folks have? I know it used to come in drummed leather and today it only comes in a grained leather. And someone else mentioned box? Didn't know it came in that leather, but happy to learn more.
  12. I have the mini belt in Khaki box leather with contrast glazing. At first I thought the leather was the supersoft calfskin, but an SA told me recently that it’s the same as the leather used on box bags.

    When the belt first came out a few years ago, they released it in smooth leathers, but gradually they have been producing more and more grainy leathers. Now most of the belt bags available through stores are in drummed/grained leather. If you’re interested in buying a smooth leather belt bag, I would recommend trying a reseller as it will be harder through the boutique.
  13. Gorgeous! I think I prefer the box or drummed leather, so yet another reason to go preloaded. Thanks a ton.
  14. I got my mini Belt bag in drummed leather back in 2015 and it hasn't sagged or changed shape! I use it pretty often as a work bag, so I do load it up with gym gear and lunch boxes. Apart from a scratch from an unfortunate incident of it getting stuck between train doors, its held up pretty nicely. The drummed leather definitely helps with the longevity (as opposed to y other smooth leather Celine bags which scratch a lot easier)
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  15. hello..is your bag in the amazone color?
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