weak sad nails

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  1. i have the most pathetic nails, they tear from the side..if they even get close to reaching the end of my fingertips. i alternate between gel nails, then go through the process of growing them out every once in a while.

    any recommendations, i just don't have time for the nail salon right now.

    i don't need long nails, i just don't want them to have the bitten look.
  2. Nailtiques, Formula 2
  3. I am going polish-free for the past few months. I use a base coat and then polish but it really weakened my toenails. They are all ragged and yellow-like....will that work for that as well? ^^
  4. I agree. Yes it will work for your toes too.
  5. Take a good vitamin supplement daily with calcium. Nails are made of calcium and if you're not getting enough, they won't be strong.
  6. GucciMama-I was having a similar problem and a friend recommended Prostrong. It is a kit you order for qvc and my nails are now healthy and beautiful. I only use clear. I do not have long nails, just healthy, well-groomed.
  7. I have heard nothing but good things about the prostrong kit. I've seen it on qvc, but I don't really have a problem w/ my nails. I just wonder how wonderful my nails might be if I try it anyway.
  8. i have the same thing... and the woman who does my nails told me to take a peice of garlic and ruub it across the edge of my nials.. then have ashower ( for the smell) and apparently it really helps

    anothe friend of mine swears by soaking nails in olive oil 3 times a week
    havent tried either but thought i would share
  9. Going polish free is definitely a good idea. There is no end of drying ingredients in nail polish.

    Also take a skin, hair and nails vitamin (GNC makes a good one) and supplement with lots of extra biotin (Puritan's Pride makes a 5000 mcg one). I'm willing to bet you'll have rock hard nails in a matter of weeks if you take these two vitamin supplements. Plus your skin and hair will thank you!

    Worked for me.

    Jarrow brand Bio-Sil also gets rave reviews.

  10. ITA but I would go with the 2 plus formula. I had the same problem, and this totally saved my nails.

  11. ITA i had no nails and started my vitamins , now my are nails perfect
  12. Groan! I know the feeling! I thad my acrylics removed 2+ months ago and my new nails are bumpy. They are growing out slowly, I am keeping them pretty short until they are somewhat healthy again.

    I will never get acrylics again!:cursing:
  13. File and use clear nail polish. Works like a charm!
  14. This did wonderful things for my nails. I recommend it as well.
  15. try OPI's Nail Envy, this is what I've been using & worked for me ;)