We Want To Know What's In Your Bag!

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  1. Ladies,

    We want to know What's In Your Bag?!

    We'd like you to submit pictures of your bags and their contents for the section of our website "In Her Bag".

    Please also send us a short bio of where your from, what your job is, your favorite city, date spot, boutiques and what you can't live without, etc. :smile:

    Please send them to codi@rebeccaminkoff.com

    Thank you in advance gals! :flowers:
  2. Yes i'll definitely do this! i'm excited!
  3. do you only want us to send you whats in ONE bag?! Haha because i may just have to send a pic of the whole collection :nuts: (excluding the 2 wine bags i have in production)
  4. I'm waiting for my current season purchases to get here before I do this... so excited!!
  5. I tried to do it when it was posted in the other thread, and it kept getting returned to me saying the mail box is full. : (
  6. I'll do this once my RM gets here! My black basketweave MAB wont be here until the end of April I believe though.
  7. Oh my god, whats NOT in my bag? :amazed:
  8. :lol:^^^ dude welcome to my world, twin!!
  9. can it be just the bags and their contents? lol!
  10. I am going to be all over this!!!!! I decided today that my 1 year old son could fit in my MA!!!!! hehehehe
  11. LOL... that's cute!
  12. Do you want our social security numbers too? :P
  13. Fun! I'm so doing this tomorrow! :smile:
  14. I am so going to do this!
  15. ^^lol ladies i found matching sandles for my night/gold crackle bag at TARGET! yall will definitely see these with the pictures i send! Patent thong sandals, with a gold button. VERY cute for $10 bucks :upsidedown: