We wanna come out and play too

Well, after much debate on what bag to purchase next, this is what I finally decided on.

And I couldn't resist this little one, SO cute!

Here I am giving her a test drive :P

And here they are with my first LV-Speedy 25. I love how comfortable the Speedy is.

Not a big collection but I love my little family. Thanks for letting me share
yey i love it
i have mini pochette in azur and speedy azur 30 hehe we can be twins...
you can always put pochette on speedy (learn @ LV)

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I actually tried this as the SA suggested. It is cute!

I wasn't sure about just letting this one sag coz I have a cardboard on the bottom of the 25 to keep its shape. But it does actually look great so I think it's time for that cardboard to come out.

Thanks ladies!