WE vs Courier for travel

  1. I would love your opinion on this. I don't have either but would like to get a bigger bag for travel.

    Other things that probably matter in making the decision:
    I'm 5'2" and I have kids
    I would like to be able to carry the bag over my shoulder
    It would be nice if I can get things pretty organized inside and don't have to feel around too much to find something. How are the pockets in the Courier vs WE?

    I like the look of the courier but am worried that I won't be able to find anything or that it will look strange when full
    Your opinons will definitely be appreciated!
  2. The WE only has a small pocket on the inside, like the City. I use a purseket or a chameleon in my WE/City - makes it much easier to find things!

    I think 07 WE has longer handles. I have a 06 WE, and I can carry it on my shoulders, but it doesn't really feel all that comfortable to me. I tend to carry it by the handles or hang it off my pram :p

    If you want your hands free, the courier is probably the better choice!
  3. Depending on whether you like GH, the RTT is a good alternative. It fits on the shoulder easily.
  4. i have both, weekender (2007/3 with long handles) and courier. the weekender: bigger in the overall feeling, there is only one small pocket inside, same size as work. the new long handles are great, i tried it on my coat and felt so comfortable, so no problems about the shoulder holding anymore, thank you balenciaga. i have not used it yet, cause it is my x mas present. :smile: therefore, i have never travelled with it.
    Courier: i travelled with it and it was the perfect bag for my vacation in thailand, even when it's hot and when you sweat, there is no problem holding it, you can put a lot in it, the zip pocket is much deeper than the weekender, you can put it across your body which makes walking much easier, more sporty less city bag. i vote for the courier for travelling purpose, i enjoyed it a lot during my vacation, found it perfect. put it under the seat in the plane without any problem, the form of the courier is more compact, it can be much smaller when you put it under the seat.
    the weekender keeps it large form, you can't squeeze it.
  5. Thanks JadeLeaves and delmilano, that really helps!
    Thanks too rollergirl - I did look at the RTT and it's a good size but I'm not a big fan of GH. It's also a pretty heavy bag.
  6. i'm in love with courier style, and i think that if is supposed to be your travel bag, then having free hands could be a good idea!
  7. I was always a huge courier fan from the minute it was released~ still a huge fan today and will always be. I do have all my belongings organized in make-up clutches so I can find my important receipts, papers, etc easily. I guess things can get lost more easily b/c it is a big bag with one inside pocket (the big & very deep inside zip pocket is great). The outside zip pocket is awesome too. I think it would be more comfy to use for traveling or work then the other styles b/c of the long adjustable strap.
  8. You'd think I'd know this, but do all WE's now have longer handles? I knew the men's version did, and that GH bags tend to have a little longer handles. But is it all? Great idea, if so.
  9. ^I believe so, I was asking Kim when I was waitlisting for a Weekender and she said that starting in 2007, the straps were made longer on the Weekender to make them more comfortable. Since there are no Weekenders yet in the shipments, obviously she cannot say for certain, but that was her understanding of the change in 07.
  10. Thanks! I use pochettes/clutches a lot too - they work much better for me than a pursekeet. I'm glad to hear that the inside pocket is deep - I like how huge the pockets on the Day are and they help keep me organized as well.

    Sounds like the Courier will work better for me. I'll let you all know how it goes!