We upgraded my engagment ring

  1. Hi guys. We updated my engagment ring, and I just received it today :yahoo:. I love it, but I cannot seem to take a good pic of the ring. If I try indoors, the flash whites out the whole pic and outside pics don't seem to want to focus. Please tell me how you guys are taking such great pics of your rings. I want to share my photos with you guys because I need advice on how to wear it. I wore my last ring with 2 wedding bands and i can't decide if this looks better with 1 or 2 and I need pics to have you guys give me input. The new ring is a 3 stone ring with 1 carat side princess stones and 5.01 radiant in the middle. HELP
  2. holy crap. sorry i can't help with how to post pics (my DH did mine on another thread). but i hope someone else can. i can't wait to see it.
  3. do you have the little flower button on your camera? you need to use the Macro function to focus in on the ring.
  4. ^What she said. Most point and shoot cameras have macro focus, all you need to do is press the button marked with a little tulip icon. I would suggest taking the picture in natural light without a flash, set the camera down if possible, and use the timer. When you take pictures close up, even the littlest hand motion is exaggerated, thus blurring the pictures.
  5. ^ Wow! didn't know that.. I retook the picture of my ring out of curiosity & it's much clearer with the "tulip" on.. I obviously know nothing about cameras!
  6. ^LMAO I know nothing either!!!
  7. ok, i am going to try taking pics again. keep your fingers crossed
  8. Wow great advice, that worked like a charm. Now I just need to wait till my husband gets off the computer so I can download them. I am on the lap to now and I can't download them on here. But here is the questions: I am posting pics of my new engagement ring and the ring I wear on my right hand (yellow diamond Gregg Ruth). I want to know if my new ring looks better with 2 bands or 1. The smaller band is also in the gregg ruth pic. I just want to know what combo you guys think is best
  9. candace, try taking pics w/o the flash and try not to move your hands while clicking away. focus it.

    try both with flash and w/o flash - i usually take mine w/o. hope it works! i'm excited to see your new ring!
  10. oh I can't wait to see!!!!!!
  11. Candace I can't wait to see the pics! I'm sure your rinf is stunning, but I want to see it so much :smile: .
  12. Pics are done. Here is my finger bling
    Let me know 1 band or 2
    IMG_2773.jpg IMG_2763.jpg IMG_2774.jpg IMG_2781.jpg
  13. Very beautiful ring! I like it with one band or by itself. It is absolutely gorgeous!
  14. Oh Wow!!! Its beautiful. I like it with band 1 but its gorgeous on its own.
  15. Very pretty~ Congrats! Honestly, I like it best by itself. :smile: