We sold our condo in THREE DAYS!!!

  1. And got 7k more than we asked for it. Buyer closes the 22nd. :yahoo:

    The RE market around here is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:

    I spent the past month doing a partial renovation on the place after we moved into our house, which I have also been working on.

    I am so glad this is over because between moving, renovations and everything else, I'm wiped out! :sleepy:
  2. Congrats! We are doing up one of our flats because in London, UK house prices are rising crazily. I hope we have your luck and sell as quickly!
  3. yep, we're still rockin' and rollin' in our neck of the woods in RE, Roo! Congrats on a quick sell!! How far was your move?
  4. We went from downtown Bellevue to near Tiger Mountain. (Big change!)
  5. So happy for you!
  6. So is our CC company, since we went into debt temporarily and now it will finally get paid off! :p
  7. Oh my gosh, I can imagine. London is insanely expensive and housing is really hard to find in good areas of the city. I am sure you won't have ANY problems!!! Good luck!!!
  8. wow that IS a change! Congrats and enjoy your new home!! :yahoo: Still having fun here on good ol' Finn Hill (Juanita area) BTW :graucho:
  9. When I first moved to the Seattle area, I lived in that area. First up near St Edwards State Park and then right near Juanita Beach. I know that area well.
  10. Congrats!!
  11. Too funny...I've been all over from Wallingford, QA, Magnolia then back to Kirkland and now Finn Hill. It used to be the 'boonies' but no more!

    congrats, Roo!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. WOW... the RE mkt is hot all right!!

    CONGRATS!!! that sounds like a lot of work and $$ tied up!! i'm glad it's one load off your mind now!!

  13. Congrats Roo! :yahoo:
  14. Amazing! Congrats on the sale, that hard work really paid off! I hope you are enjoying your new home.
  15. Doesn't it feel good to sell in way less time than you thought?! Congrats!