we should start purse-bay!!

  1. I'm so fed up with eBay. Like everyone else, I kept getting my listings pulled (probably by people selling fakes so people won't know what a real one looks like!). If you keep listing them, eventually you get booted so many times you get suspended with no real course of action (unless you want to disclose every bit of personal information to eBay... social security number !?! Legally, they can't ask for that!). eBay wouldn't know an authentic if it bit them in the arse!

    We should start our own auction site! WE all know a real from a fake... I can spot one immediately! It should be run by a few experts who are the only ones that can pull listings. I know, I'm dreaming...

    These policies that ebay have are backfiring... almost all are fakes and the auths are getting the boot!

    Has anyone found a decent selling venue without all the frustration and actually selling?
  2. Overstock.com auctions are 99% fake BUT that means that once you build a reputation for selling the REAL deal, you do have good sales. And fake idiot sellers who get jealous and report your REAL bags get no where, because THEY have to show proof that the bag is fake, NOT YOU having to prove the bag is real. Its half a** backwards organization but you're safer there as a legit seller than you are on Ebay, and fees aren't any worse. I reported 90 fake bags on there in one day and they suspended my account because I jammed their reporting system for doing it!
  3. No kidding, you actually can sell real stuff on Overstock and not end up being perceived as a peddler of junk? I haven't even looked there since about the third week they had auctions...I had no idea.
  4. I have ideas for what would make a good "purse-bay", definitely....a buyer's premium should be in effect, but it should be free of charge for a seller to sell. Just like a real auction house. And I also think that all the sales should be auction format only, AND I think that everyone who participates in the site should be ID-verified with a CC on file before they can even see a listing or attempt to sell. No credit card, too bad. You can't buy or sell.
    And I also think that the SITE should approve each listing for authenticity before it goes live.

    I seriously wish I had the millions needed to start up the site because I would have done it a million times in the past when eBay just made me shake my head in wonder.
  5. Mypoupette runs a site, why not try there? Here is the site if anyone wants to check it out. It doesn't seem to be the most user friendly for finding items. http://www.imagechic.com/index.php
  6. I personally haven't tried there because I don't like having to fill out an application roughly as long as the one to adopt a KID.
  7. Great idea! I wish such an auction place were in existence now. pBay has a nice ring to it! :jammin:
  8. If you think about it Ebay has just as many fakes listed, but they also have more real ones listed so the percentage looks lower. And Ebay does cancel a few a day and Overstock won't. There was a couple of REALLY BIG fake Coach dealers on OS and I wrote to the legal department at Coach. They got them off. Another seller got really nasty with me one day. It turns out she works in our Homeland Security Office and was selling a TON of fake LV'S!! I called her on it and eventually by the end of the day she told me who she was. I could have had her job and have had her in jail. She pulled her auctions.
  9. whoa, are you serious!!? homeland security staff selling knockoffs? ugh.
  10. Wow. It is so scary what people will do for a few bucks.
  11. a buyer's premium should be in effect, but it should be free of charge for a seller to sell.

    That would put me off. The savings on a used purse you buy online compared to a new one in the store are often minimal anyway. Having to pay even more on top for the fees would just make it even less attractive to buy them in online auctions. You'd have to re-think that one!
  12. Has anyone tried Amazon? I know they have an auction that's not really hopping, but you can also sell through a store. The fees are pretty high though. You get a $5 shipping allowance and they also take something like 15% off the top! It would really cut into your profit margins... getting from wholesalers aren't exactly cheap! I was just wondering if anyone had experience with it. I really wish ebay would get their act together. I'm so done with ebay, but I miss the income (not to mention I have bags to unload!).

  13. All the real auction houses I've heard of have buyer's and seller's premiums.​
  14. try putting this in your auction

    ATTENTION ALL VeRO DEPARTMENTS: This item is an authentic product as evidenced in photos, legally acquired and owned, and hence covered under the First Sale Doctrine. Inappropriate VeRO removal of this auction will constitute perjury and result in legal action. There are penalties for misrepresentation under 17 U.S.C. 512(f)."
  15. does that actually work?