We should have an "Official What I Saw at Neiman Marcus Last Call" threat!!

  1. We don't have any where we live (in Long Island) - however - they seems to be everywhere else! This would be a great alternative to the sale threat!

    Does anyone have a link or a list for all the numbers/stores for Neiman Marcus Last Call?

    Does anyone know of a MJ-color-literate SA that I can call and will track down a specific bag? (I love the non-MJ obsessed people who describe colors funny)

  2. Can you believe that until yesterday I had no idea what NM Last call was?!

    *hangs head in shame*

    Is there a separate section in the store for last call MJ bags or are they intermingled?

    Do we have any ladies from Boston here? I'm curious as to what they think of the NM in Boston?
  3. No last calls where I live. I wish!
  4. Hm, I wonder how far away the one in Elizabeth, NJ is. My mom lives in NJ.. aha.
  5. Hey, I live in Boston but I don't frequent the NM much. But I just went there last weekend though. Are you looking for something specific?
  6. I second , third & fourth the motion!! You have NO IDEA how often I have to depend on ladies here to track down items for me!!!! If I can't find it myself...Which is always over the internet or calling actual stores..I ask the ladies here to keep their eye out for me for whatever I am looking for..It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO helpful!!! Then when it is spotted, I just call the store and have it shipped!! There are no Neimans, Saks, Chanel, MJ etc stores near me..We do have a Coach store but I really only go in there at the change of seasons..So when ladies post sightings..I'm all over the posts...That would be great for us addicts who don't have access to the better stores!!!!!! :heart: Emmy
  7. EMMY- i see that you are in syracuse... i went to SU, and i remember when i first moved up there thinking "how can there not be a Nordstrom anywhere around here??????" best 4 years of my life, but i feel your pain on the lack of good shopping in the area :smile:
  8. I'd love to get the info!
  9. One SALE thread is enough for this forum...otherwise its too cluttered
  10. Elizabeth isn't too far, maybe 30 minutes at most from NYC. You could always take the NJ transit down... that is, if you're not afraid to venture into NJ!

    Agree with Jill, it does get cluttered if there are too many sale threads...
  11. lovekoobabags and the rest of you searching for NM last Call numbers, here is the website and they list each NM and Last Call store by state in the drop down menu on the left.

    Neiman Marcus Online
  12. Only thought is that often times we dont' see "sale" bags at NM last call or Off 5th, and post individual threads for each of the stores in different locations. It would be really cool to see all the sightings in one places (one sticky). It would also give us a place to put our pleads for people to keep an eye out for one of our dream bags in these stores!! Just my two cents ;)

    Oh, and since a lot of us post sighting pics, it would be great to see all those pics together... almost like an eye candy thread at the same time!
  13. I agree!!!!!..... but I also see Jill & Thithi's point about keeping things tidy....Although I secretly lust for this to be created!!! :graucho: :heart: Emmy
  14. There's one in Rockland County (kinda upstate) and one in Brooklyn which is closer to you.
  15. There's one in Rockland County which is far enough from me and would be worse for you and one in Brooklyn.. I think Bay Ridge