We should have a TPF symbol!

  1. :yes:this way we can recognise other PF-ers on the street:heart: like say when you see another person with a B-bag you cross your 2nd and 3rd finger or something? and if the other person does the same you know that he/she is a pf-er too! :yahoo:
  2. There is actually a keychain that twinkle.tink had made which is a tPF symbol!!!
  3. ooh cool! is there a thread?
  4. Do people actually put them on their bags?
  5. Rogue Escape pods also sorta work as a tPF symbol...at least for tPFers who have Balenciaga bags. ;)
  6. I just bought the keychain on Friday. I should be getting it this week. I can't wait!
  7. xxx
  8. kindly explain to anyone reading this page what was "rude" about my last post. unless of course you simply want to give the impression i was being rude. it's actually called having a sense of humour.
  9. The "humor" was not appropriate given the warnings Swanky issued to you on another thread.

    If you have further conerns, PM me directly.

  10. Please, use the PM feature to discuss personal issues. Thank you! :tup:
  11. you know, i was thinking this too. i'm glad to hear that someone thought about key chains way before we had a though of it.

  12. As I previously stated, you should use the PM feature to address any concerns. It is inappropriate to continue this discussion in this thread. Thank you.
  13. it is also highly inappropriate for a moderator to give the wrong impression to other tpf members regarding something a member actually said. this is manipulating the thread. i do not accept that this is a matter for the pm service.