We should have a Juicy thread, what do you think?

  1. I got my new pink and navy daydreamer bag today, and it's TO DIE FOR! :yahoo:

    I wonder where I could post pics of it, etc? We really should do a Juicy thread, I know there are fans of the brand here! :graucho: :supacool:
  2. YES YES YES YES YES !!!!!
    I love juicy:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. Congratulations! You can post pics of it right here!
  4. post it here, i'm a fan.
  5. I'll post pics today! It's adorable, perfect for summer.
  6. Ta-da!!!!

    Here comes....
  7. [​IMG]


  8. WOW thats v.cute i love it!!
  9. Thanks! it's the hard-to-find daydreamer tote, i love it!
  10. love it, such a pretty color
  11. thanks for sharing!
  12. I love the daydreamer! I got one of the first styles they had ever come out with. It's really a gorgeous bag! I'm not really into Juicy Couture anymore, but I just adore the Daydreamer shape! I love taking it out for a fun, playful sort of mood. I actually get more compliments on it than my LV's! You must be thrilled, congrats!
  13. Super cute =D,may I ask is it current season or next season?
  14. congratz!!!!
  15. it's for summer 07. :biggrin: