WE seriously need our own Christian Louboutin sub-forum!

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  1. Seriously, over half of the threads on this sub-forum is regarding Christian Louboutins! From sizing to availablity to just admiring each others CLs!

    We really need our own forum. Well, that's what i think. :tup:
  2. Yeah, and Manolo too, plz.
  3. yup over half of them are about CLs!
  4. Yes! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  5. Yes! Please I beg you!

    I am a bit too CL's out. I can't take any more.

  6. I vote YES and then YES again!!!!!!!!!!! :graucho:
  7. Oh count me in, I adore CL and for sure add to the amount of CL traffic! LOL! But seriously, great idea!
  8. YES!! I AGREE! Let's tell Vlad!
  9. i agree. YES!!!
  10. It would really be helpful, wouldn't it?
  11. We should tell Vlad!

    does anyone how to go about this?? I am willing to do everything. But dont know where to start!
  12. we DEF need one!
  13. How about a shoe size sub forum with more sub forums inside for each designer then style so we wont have to see a million "CL Decollete size?". :yes:
  14. Yeah then we can have a CL Sizing sticky :smile:
  15. Count me in! :yes: