We saw Ostrich....

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  1. The Rodeo boutique had ostrich Alma and Speedies on display.

    They were TDF! Speedy retails $13,000.
  2. I have an ostrich bag (not LV of course) and I get the most compliments on it. I would :heart: to see the LV speedy!
  3. :wtf: That is a lot of cash!!! But I am sure they are beautiful!

  4. Sorry we missed you! The red ostrich speedy was GORGEOUS!!! And that's an understatement...
  5. hmmmm:love: :love: :love:
  6. 13k??? Wow. I'm sure it's worth it though. You were so lucky to have seen some gorgeous bags!
  7. OMG...that is a LOT of $$$$ for a bag!!!!
  8. wow... must have been really beautiful.
  9. That would have been stunning IRL:heart:
  10. Woah .... $13,000? :wtf:

    Must of been a gorgeous LV! :love:
  11. auhhhhh i wish i had the money
  12. turquoise ostrich theda. eBay. now. NNNNNNEEEEEEEED!
  13. WOW! That's A LOT! Poor ostrich!!! I'd love to see it though!
  14. It sounds gorgeous, maybe someone can snap a pict of it the next time they're by the shop - I can't get it, but I can dream of it....
  15. I saw these in the Champs Elysee boutique. They are definitely the most gorgeous bags around. I saw the turquoise alma which is amazing colour - but if I was spending $US13K on a bag, I'd get a more... practical... colour.