We Rule Players: Share Your Username

  1. i am playing We Farm but also have We Rule -

    please add me - nutrihuney

  2. for those having problems with notifications, check the status on each item.

    i was having this problem too then i noticed that at the bottom of the status window for my crop, farm animal, etc there is a slider to turn on the notification for that particular item.

    hope this helps!
  3. ^Another thing: I was too dumb to figure this out at first, but I had to turn on my Push notifications for both apps in Settings on my phone. Duh!
  4. :huh: Did you guys know about the new We City? I just found out today, LOL!
  5. Adding you girls! I also play We City

  6. Playing frequently and always complete and reciprocate orders! Add me - kmsanborn87 :biggrin:

    (we farm, we city, we rule)
  7. Just added you guys! :biggrin:

    Does anyone know how this new We Rule Quest thing works? I can't figure it out!
  8. you have to activate push on your phone,
    and also do the individual notices *when hovering over orders/crops*

    hope that helps.
  9. Thanks, I had thought they were all on but I went back and checked and realized they were not! :smile:
  10. Same here, haven't figured it out yet :shrugs:
  11. I think the quest is to make it so you order certain unpopular businesses like the stable or the meat place..since it doesn't give you as much gold or experience as let's say, the dragon lair

    the first one is to find the piggy and I guess how they want you to do is to find three pple and have them fulfill orders..but I did two and the third one was fulfilling when all of a
    sudden it says one of them isn't fulfilled
    anymore?? I think there's a time constraint..either way I wanna try and see what the reward is, if it's worth it I'll do another

    you're welcome! :smile:
  12. Ah, I see. I think I'm gonna try one today.
  13. first quest completed, you get the piggy pen as decoration for free ;( although it's cute..!

    second quest is rock paper sisscors and you do get a bit of gold and experience points..already started so it doesn't show me how much (it tells you before you accept) but it was 100-300 range for both

    if you go to the purple trophy tab when you press the hammer button it tells you all four decorations you can 'win'

    another way to make it more interesting I guess--I hope they will have Christmas decorations/businesses as that's my favorite time of the year!
  14. Thanks for the info, ms-whitney! Very much appreciated.
  15. I just installed this on my ipad and grew some corn and now dont have a clue what to do :p

    I forget my username, will go look it up.