We pulled it off!!! Yayyyy!! Thank you ladies of tFP! Hook line and sinker!

  1. Ladies of the tPF :tup:thank you for helping me and my 2 boys play a trick on my wife...she was surprised to find out that she got her second birkin...a 35cm Parchemin Togo Birkin with GHW! She thought my children and I re-wrapped her 35 cm Rouge Garance togo Birkin with PHW we purchased a few weeks ago for her. Unwrapping it, she was not at all excited...ho humm, until she opened the sleeper bag to find her second Birkin. Her eyes and smile said it all...what a sight to see! She was beside herself...and we pulled it through with out my youngest son spilling the beans!:okay:And that's no easy feat as he has spilled the beans before!

    Mai Tai, Ducchessof, Licencetocook...Thank you! Danke! Merci! She fell for it...hook line and sinker!:wlae: Thanks for posting the clues...Now she's hinting on a blue roi ostrich! Yikes! Maybe next year or her next husband! Ha ha ha!! I've limited her to a birkin a year budget, she said it's fine as long as it's a croc...I say that's croc of ****! Just kidding ladies...anything for the wonderful wife!:nogood:
    DSC05156.JPG DSC05152.JPG DSC05154.JPG
  2. Very nice!! Love the bag!
  3. Wow congrats!! what a sweet DH you are. Your wife must be over the moon
  4. Oh dear...:biggrin:Mr P, there is something about you that I just love :woohoo:!! What would that be, dear ladies of tPF? :graucho:
    Merry Christmas to you, Mrs P and you wonderful boys!
  5. Whoa, your wife is a VERY LUCKY LADY!!! And not because of the two Birkins but rather because she has an extremely thoughtful and kind husband. You are amazing! What a lovely man you are!! And it sounds like you are training your young sons to be as thoughtful as you are.

    The Birkins are beautiful! Congratulations to your wife..... she knows how to pick a great bag ..... and a great man!!
  6. WOW ... I'm stunning thats 2 beautiful bags..
    Congratulations to your wife
  7. Oh How cute! you are a wonderful husband!!! Those bags are simply gorgeous!
  8. Thank you Tricia and FleurDeLis..they are indeed her choices and they are great bags...and Aminamina...I enjoy your posting and your wonderful pictures...you have a fabulous life from what I can tell from your pictures!
    KallieGirl: Yes the boys are in training...my wife's the only female in the household so she's the queen and the princess at the same time...
    Thank you Juicy Bag and Lilou...thanks...I felt good achieving this goal but with a lot of help and tips from the forum and they are all nice people...like you!
    My wife's on call the whole holiday season so I know she'll be reading this later today when she comes home to relax! Thanks again everyone!
  9. So sweet!
  10. gorgeous bags! happy holidays to you and your family!
  11. CONGRATULATIONS! That is so amazingly sweet of you and your sons.
  12. Merry Christmas Petpringles, Mrs. Petpringles and all the little P-pringles. You are lucky to have each other. Mrs. P is expecially lucky to have a DH who will spoil her... congrats on a very good Birkin year...
  13. What a wonderful DH you are. :tup: And congratulations on your wife new gorgeous birkin. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you. :flowers:

  14. What a sweet gesture! Congrats!
  15. What a lovely story! Your wife is a very lucky woman to have such a wonderful group of men surrounding her! She looks lovely with her new bags and I am sure she will enjoy both of them thoroughly! Merry Christmas to all the petpringles!