We need to educate the stores

  1. LOL, i know.
    everytime i'm in a dept. store looking at MJ bags, i always make conversation with the SA's, and they're shocked when i know the names of all the styles on the floor, usually admitting they don't know most of them. it actually makes me feel a little embarrassed and want to keep my mouth shut:s
  2. i've noticed things like that before too. it sucks cause if you are new to the bags you might be asking around for the wrong thing.
  3. i cant tell you how many times thats happened to me. especially when i was on the hunt for a hudson - the SA's at Saks and Nordies looked at me like i had 14 heads!
  4. I saw that NM listing too...it's so irritating!

    I think it was also NM who listed a Stam as a "Sham" on their website. :nogood::hrmm:
  5. That's what Diabro should have listed their $125 Stams as a couple of weeks ago!
  6. ^^LOL bag-addict!! You're so funny! :lol:
  7. ROFL.... that is so true bag-addict and Cheryl!
  8. How hilarious! It's good to know the lack of knowledge is extended to the website too! :p How many times have we all called looking for a bag and we've had to resort to detailed descriptions to get the bag we want! LOL!