We need a reveal around here!

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  1. I'm starting to withdraw....who's next?

    I have a Virginia ready next week (ordered just before the summer Ignes holiday). And I think Ignacio said my Luka may be with it...I guess Virginia is more time consuming to make, which is logical with all the detail.

    Anyone due in before my order? I'm starting to twitch for bag porn around here.

  2. Yeah, it's been exciting planning orders, but we do need a reveal or two to keep us going!!
  3. There are a ton of orders floating around- surely something must be coming soon.

    I hate waiting. I know this is fast for bespoke bags, but it still sucks.
  4. I think the Virginia on order will be next, then we have a flood of sale orders coming in. I wonder if they'll do them in batches, like everyone that ordered a Mini Ormala is done first, then move to the next model and so on. It would make sense.
  5. For real? Mine next? Well, I guess that means a count down to pics from Ignacio...shall we guess Friday? So today is 5.
  6. I still have two weeks to go before mine is ready. :sad: All this time waiting....but it has actually only been a week!
  7. Anyone due in before my order? I'm starting to twitch for bag porn around here.


    I hear you, woman!!! I was thinking the exact.same.thing.

    And I ordered my first Ignes around the same time that knas did...and I am flipping out from the wait!!!
  8. The first time is the hardest, and it has been quiet here due to the holiday. But ya...
  9. Does Ignes automatically send production pix or do I need to ask for them?
  10. ^ Automatically. You'll get photos usually right before shipment.
  11. Eeeeeeeeep!! Just about 2 weeks to go, then! :woohoo:
  12. woo hoo!! the wait is half full, not half empty!!
  13. So if I hope for an email with pics tomorrow, does that make today TWO or ONE in my count down?
  14. ONE! I hope! Last week, Ignacio said the end of this week. Yay!
  15. Where are all the sale bags? Weren't some already made? We need purse porn people!!