We need a relationships section

  1. Is it just me or are boys the strangest creatures on earth??

    I've had nothing but bad relationships back to back! Then, last night, I had a great night with my very cute neighbor. We shared a bottle of wine, made dinner together at my place, watched a movie and talked for hours! We had total chemistry going (or so I thought). Just when I was getting happy about meeting a nice boy, tonight, he starts acting all weird when I go to his apartment to see if he wants to hang out again. At first, he was kissing me and telling me how he thought this was going to be the start of a beautiful relationship (yes, he actually said "beautiful relationship") and then he starts saying how he wants to take things slow. It was making me feel really uncomfortable because we never really talked about dating the night before. So I went back to my apartment and he stopped by about an hour later and told me that he didn't feel like dating right now, and then he goes on to say how he's interested in a different girl and wants to date her!

    He has been giving me mixed signals and I'm like, "what just happened?" Why can't boys make up their minds? :cursing:
  2. I hate to tell you this but eventually you'll figure it out. yes, boys---and men---are "strange"! This guy was probably hoping to score the whole time he was hanging out with you and when you didn't put out (you didn't, did you?) he crossed you off his list. Sorry to be so frank but a LOT of them operate that way. Just be grateful you didn't sleep with him and become another notch on his bedpost. I'm not being cynical, just honest. There ARE some really fantastic guys out there though, don't worry! Just value yourself and all you have to offer and DON'T ever settle for someone who is not worthy of you just because you don't want to be alone.
  3. No, I didn't put out and I'm glad I didn't, either! I actually started feeling bad about myself and wondering what was wrong with me that he would just blow me off like this. I'm glad I now know what an a-hole he is before I put any effort into him.
  4. I agree that maybe he was trying to sleep with you...

    I dont know but...it sounds like you really didnt know him well and it could of been one of those moments for him and the moment passed?:shrugs:

    Guys tend to be more closed regarding feelings and they live more in the moment than women, it seems to me,...so I would guess the above...

    I think we all go through it though...on both sides...we have major communication differences...its timeless....
  5. I know, men are weirdos but we love them anyway :graucho: .

    I don't have a lot of answers but I will tell you a book I have found extremely useful in trying to understand how men "think" is Men, Women and Relationships. It's by John Gray. NO, it's not the Mars and Venus stuff which can be tiresome at times, but it does go into a lot of detail to explain how male and female brains are wired very differently and how eachother's actions can help and harm one another, even unintentionally. I pull it out from time to time and re-read chapters when I'm puzzled about my BF's actions and don't feel like sharing it with a girlfriend.

    Good luck to you :flowers: !
  6. I don't really think men are strange. I tell you, a lot of women are even stranger! :yes:

    I think all men will do what they can get away with. I was having this conversation with a gay friend last weekend (I'm married and he's in a stable long-term relationship) and he said that one thing women don't do enough of, is tell men what they want. Men are awful, awful mind readers. I'm guilty of this myself. I've known my husband for 6 years, and we've been married for 1, and sometimes I still expect that he will know how I think, and I've been disappointed. He's getting better though... the training is ongoing... :P

    My advice is to just enjoy yourself. Don't take guys too seriously. You sound pretty young (lucky you. I'm feeling my age just about now.) When the right one comes along, he will appreciate you and treat you with the respect you want.
  7. dont worry! I agree with some that he may have been hoping to score..but you should be glad you found out so soon..
    I had some bad experiences in the past too..a guy I totally was sooo into, went to his place before, he started being ' funny'..then of course I didnt put out, cause I hardly knew him...he stopped calling after I said 'no'..er..later I found out he had a gf all along..and she called me!
    wow...i felt really bad at that time..but right now.Im so glad that episode is over...I met my DH who is the sweetest guy..hehe...so you will.
    BTW, I am now 27...so no worries..you will find someone deserving soon!
    just my 2 cents.