We need a faster easier way to find Mods who are currently online....

  1. In all forums. Can't there be a list above every subforum that shows which mod is online? I need to change something I just listed in the MP and don't know who to contact. I've been going to the Purseforum main page, scrolling all the way to the bottom to find a list of all mods but that is kind of a pain. And then I'm not sure if I'm contacting the appropriate one. Is there an easier way already?
  2. Easiest way to go about it is to submit your edit request via reporting.
  3. OH! you mean the little red "!" button?
  4. I was about to post the same thing :yes:
    Some of us don't show that we're "on" even if we are anyways.
  5. [​IMG]

    Note that you can not report your own posts, only other's.
  6. thats good to know too. I have often not PMed someone because their little icon thingy wasn't highlighted.
  7. oh. I wasn't referring to post reporting though. I needed to change a mistake I made in a title to one of my threads...
  8. That is fine, you can still point a mod to your thread by reporting one of the posts in it.
  9. :yes: It's fine to report it then it ONLY goes to Mods/Admins in that area that can help anyhow.
  10. okee dokee pokeys!