We missed a taupe

  1. ugh, don't you hate completed listings? it's like we enjoy torturing ourselves...i do it too.
  2. didnt that buyer buy this same bag (from a different person) before and then resell it because she didnt like the color? *confused*
  3. ^ Totally. So I guess she really does like the color and style afterall and missed the one she sold.

    But if eBay 86ed her...does that mean she didn't complete this transaction? I wonder if we'll see this bag pop back up?
  4. I really want this bag so bad...I've been looking for a caramel, taupe, or anis for so long.

    Rocksteady----I hope your right! Let's hope that the transaction didn't go through. I know it's mean for me to think this way but I SERIOUSLY want this bag!!!!!
  5. If it did go through I'm sure we'll see it at twice the price on one of bid2win's sister monikers
  6. ^ How many eBay IDs does she have any ways?

    I have just one, but I can understand 2 (one for selling, one for buying). For me it's all the same regardless.
  7. I'm sorry, I can't even understand two eBay ID's. There is no problem with buying and selling using the same ID.

    I wish you well,

  8. ^^ I agree. You're able to to both under one name...:shrugs:
  9. My sister buys and sells under different IDs and it's actually very smart if you're a seller. If you get in a tangle with someone over something you BOUGHT and leave a negative, and get one in return, that tarnishes your whole reputation. Many people don't bother to read the feedback and just look at the %.

    But as far as people buying under one ID and selling under the other to make a profit, yeah, that annoys and is wrong IMO.