We MISS "JAPSTER"...give a SHOUT out here....

  1. ......If YOU MISS HER, too!!:crybaby:

    Japster, went on vacation, and I would LOVE TO give her a GREAT

    :yahoo: :yahoo: "WELCOME HOME " :yahoo: :yahoo:

    So come and say "HI" and tell her how much she has been missed and welcome her back from all of us here on tPF!:heart: :heart:
  2. I was wondering about that!!! I hadn't seen her post lately!!!

    Eeek, hope you had a FABULOUS vacation, Japster!! Welcome back!!! :nuts:
  3. I just started my vacation. LOL.

    I'm in SALT Lake City and just stuffed myself with delicious food!
  4. ^ Haha I'm so out of the loop!! That sounds fabulous!!! :nuts:
  5. Hi Japster - hope you had a fabulous vacation :yahoo:
  6. Welcome home girl!~!~ Hope you had a great time.
  7. A hometown Welcome Home!
  8. I miss you jasper... hope the sking is good...:yes:
  9. Hi Japster, we miss you, but hope you have a great time! and that there is snow where you went...I still have not seen any!
  10. Wishing you a wonderful vacation :flowers: and a safe trip home!
  11. Come back to us soon Elana!!
  12. I hope you are having fun and taking care of yourself.
  13. Hope you have a fantastic holiday Japster!!!! We miss you!!!
  14. Hope you're having a wonderful vacation!
  15. Hope you had a fantastic vacation!!!!