We might need a mini cabat thread - The Mini Cabat thread

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  1. I just got two photos of the mini cabat. This one is Plaster with Wood (suede) interior. Price: $5400. I don’t have the measurements yet. My SA is off today and sent these from home.....I wanted to share these and figured others would have photos to share, too....
    54581731-7B40-4BF4-BD40-5D839823B814.jpeg 208902B6-1100-4C44-BB09-E8BA5820249A.jpeg
  2. Looks like you just started one. :lol:
    Happy to see it’s a “real” Mini Cabat and not another of Daniel Lee’s frankencabats.
  3. Thanks Diane. I think these will sell well. I like the two color scheme also, although it sort of takes away from the originality of the Cabat which was the uninterrupted inside and outside weaving pattern, doesn't it?
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  4. great news!!!
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  5. Thanks Diane! At that price I'll just have to keep hunting the pre-loved market though.
  6. They’re back!!! Not that I’d be getting one new, but it means that I will have more options in the pre-loved market in the future! [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  7. Gosh so cute! I saw someone on insta today also sharing about this. Can’t wait to hear the measurements. Feel like this is priced on the high side.
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  8. +1
  9. I’m really looking forward to seeing these in person. The regular size cabat is way too big and floppy for me, so I’m hoping (sort of!) that the mini will be a better fit.
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  10. I love the mini, I think it’s the perfect size!
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  11. +1!
  12. Thanks for sharing the info and photos, diane!

    Southernbelle, I have a similar thought about the contrasting interior. On one hand, I like the color contrast, but on the other hand, I miss the continuous weave. The two different colors and materials makes me curious if they changed the construction method (maybe not?).

    The fact that the interior is suede is a real negative for me. I use my Cabats as commuter bags, and I toss all sorts of stuff in there, including a water bottle and a small thermos with my breakfast yogurt in it. I haven’t had a spill (touch wood), but I’d be more nervous about the suede, anyway. I don’t think a suede interior would hold up as well looks-wise over the years as my other leather interiors have. I don’t mind the suede interiors of my other BVs, because I don’t use them as totes!
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  13. I totally agree. Don’t you hate it when something that is already perfect is changed, sigh.
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    It’s not a suede interior. It’s another color in Napa. In this mini, the exterior color is Plaster and the interior color is a new brown called Wood. If you recall the medium in Plaster and Lava, that’s a Nappa interior. But I do have a note into Carmel asking for confirmation.

    From Carmel BV:
    “The small Cabat will be the same workmanship as the previous Cabats, double sided fettucce, the only difference is that each side has a different color.”

    I think the price point is in proportion to the medium Cabat. It’s still expensive, don’t get me wrong. But if a regular Cabat is now $7500, the price tag for the small seems in alignment.

    I’m waiting to see the medium Cabat in a new shade called Petrol Blue with the Wood interior.
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  15. I could be tempted if the color were right. Big birthday coming up. Not a fan of the two colors......but......
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