We might be moving to Shanghai?? Any Expats/locals with advice!!!

  1. My husband has a great career opportunity to work in Shanghai for 3-5 years developing a large group of engineers. This would be a wonderful career move for him. We are also excited about the experience of living in another country (we currently live in Michigan). But, at the same time I'm very nervous. I'm a SAHM and wouldn't be working while we are there. Our son, would be in pre-school and on.

    I'm not even sure where to start with questions. I guess I'm just curious on any possible advice on living, international schools, excellent SHOPPING :p, health care (we want to have another child and most likely it would be during our time in China), etc.

    Again, I know that there is probably a million and one things to cover about living overseas, but I'm just looking for a good jumping point from my PF family ;)

  2. Congrats on the hubby's new job!!!! I haven't lived in Shanghai but have lived in Singapore as an expat (and here in Holland).

    I can't offer much advice except to maybe give you a recommendation for Healthcare. I wanted to have another child and the Singaporean healthcare system is quite restricted so I got international healthcare through a company called BUPA (located in the UK): http://www.bupa-intl.com/ They have specialist expat healthcare and were really great with us.

    Good luck with your move.
  3. Shanghai and Beijing are the best cities in China to be an expat in. Both have a large expat community and all the convenients of the West including of course designer shops but also large department stores, grocery stores, a FANTASTIC transportation system and endless places to take your children and yourself. Shanghai is also better in that it's very clean (in comparison with Beijing).
  4. Shanghai is the most westernized city in China. I have friends who are working as expats there and they love it. I am sure your husband's company has a nice relocation package for expats that will include healthcare coverage. Lots of companies have the expat relocation program.
  5. Cal: Thank you so much for your tip on insurance, I will be sure to check that out!

    Azia: Thanks for your info. I've been on some expat websites and some have SO much info it seems overwhelming. :confused1:

    Travelbug: Thank you for your tips. Yep, his company would give him a package....I guess I'm just wondering about the everyday life circumstances---shopping :graucho:, etc.

    We are really excited for this opportunity!!
  6. Hi, i used to stay in Shanghai for about a year. Its a nice place, but i will say the shopping for imported stuff is a little more expensive compare to other parts of Asia.
    Necessities like deodorant, will be a little harder to find and limited.Also, although Shanghai is really westernise, people still do stare a lot.
  7. No probs. We had local health insurance in Singapore but they wouldn't cover my son and were very restrictive with Prenatal/Postnal claims. So we had both the local (which company paid for) and the additional from Bupa.

    Good luck :flowers:
  8. We were in China for 2 weeks last fall and were able to visit Shanghai for about 2 days. The funny thing is, we are Asian and we received a MILLION stares--I couldn't figure out why? To be totally honest I thought we'd blend in. :shrugs:. I did really like Shanghai and we are pretty excited about this next step.
  9. I think it's just a cultural thing. People stare at ANYONE who's different. Even though I'm Chinese, the way I carry myself and dress and act is totally different from locals so I get a lot of stares, too but even locals say that poeple will just stare at them, just because! Lol.

  10. I can't speak for Shanghai, but my family and I just moved back from Hong Kong where we lived for 4 years! I loved it!!! It was probably the best 4 years of my life! Something about being in a different country really makes a family pull together, and it was great for our marriage. Also, it was wonderful for my kids!
    I would recommend you take things such as sheets, OTC medicines that you like, toiletries, etc...
    Some of these items you will find, but many will be very expensive...and some you won't find at all!
    Good luck....I wish that we were still in Asia!!!
  11. Thank you everyone for your help and advice. I'm going to do some further research. My husband found out that he has been picked for the assignment, but now it goes to the next step! We'll see!
  12. Oh emanu! Don't leave before we meet! :sad: I am sorry I've been so caught up with my mother's stuff.

    Regarding Singapore though...my husband and I considered relocating there earlier this year. I honestly believe they have one of the best organized ex-pat communities anywhere. Much better than Hong Kong, or anywhere in Europe. You will find plenty of people to welcome you and give you advice.

    And if you've been managing well in Oakland County, you'll do just fine in Singapore. The biggest complaints I've heard from my friends who've been assigned there are that it's too boring and feels like the suburbs but in a city. But if you have a little one, how often will you be wanting to stay out all night drinking and dancing anyway?

    Of course, some people really appreciate the shopping and the proximity to incredibly affordable, luxury resorts in the region. I hope you have a wonderful time there!
  13. Hi Coco-nut,

    How are you doing--I hope you are well! Please don't apologize....you have been through a lot and I hope everything is getting a little back on track!

    Oh, I was just thinking we need to plan another lunch or dinner out! I'd love to be able to meet you too!!! I will talk with Jag soon and we will plan another fun time!

    Well, it really is still in the early stages, but my husband had been recommended and he said it probably is about 90% a go. We are very excited about the possibility of this move. It would be such an adventure. However it would also mean leaving all our friends and family! I will keep everyone posted!