We met Simone Legno of Tokidoki today and saw the Pirate Print!

  1. Simone Legno was at the Ala Moana Le Sportsac store in Hawaii today. We stood in line for 4 hours to get his autograph on our bags (at the insistance of my son who loves his designs). We also got some cool stickers and a paper fan. He also had the new Pirate Bags displayed (see pictures). They'll be in store in February but the SA was unable to give me the name. They're really cute in person. If anyone is from Hawaii he'll be at Sephora next Friday from 12-4.
    back pack pirate.jpg pirate print 2.jpg Simone signing the bool.jpg
  2. Wow!! Cool pics. Your baby & older son are adorable.
  3. OMG, I was right behind you! I was wearing the pink shirt w/jeans and my kids and dh kept on switching spots with me. I figured out you were a purse addict because you happen to know about purses (LV & Tokidoki) but I had no idea you were on the purse forum. How funny that we were standing right by each other and talked to each other.
  4. Thanks! They had a Dj mixing sounds at the store so it was fun and festive. We were surprised how well-behaved the little one is, made me smile and daddy nervous. She's only 11 months and already a shopping diva!!!!
  5. OH MY GODDDDDD!!!!!! We have to get together!!! I am so bummed about the vernis heart!!!!! My husband told me I shoulda told you about the purse forum. This is soooo HILARIOUS!!!!!
  6. Lol, my dh told me to look you up but I had no idea how. I discovered Tokidoki through this board and just happened to see your post. I know, I forgot to give you my name for the heart coin purse.
  7. We are seriously cracking up here at my house. What a small world. It was kind of funny because I thought you may be a member of TPF because you knew so much too.

    My husband is shaking his head about fate!!!! Oh, and the men and boys had a lot in common too!!!! LOL
  8. Your kids were very well behaved and your daughter was so cute. I was impressed. We should definitely get together at Ala Moana one day for lunch and browsing at LV and LeSportsac, one of my new favorite brands.
  9. Sounds like a plan....I'll pm you. We just finished dinner so I need to get off the computer and be a good mommy!!!!!!

    Your family was cute too! Hope your newborn sleeps well tonight!!!!
  10. By the way, I definitely want to get one of the bags in the new pirate print. In all the excitement, I totally forgot to take pics of the new print.
  11. Yup, kids want ice cream here. TTYL!
  12. That is so neat!! I love LeSportsac.
    And to meet a fellow PFer!! I would love to meet a PFer one day. Whenever I am in the mall I always wonder if there is someone from tPF there.
  13. Thanks for the pics! I sooooo want a pirate print bag!
  14. There were actually a lot more of the pirate print on display at the store but they wouldn't let us touch them. I told my hubby to take pix and so he only took those two. I scolded him for not taking more and none close up!!! LOL
  15. rileygirl and disney4us are too cute!!! heehee! simone looks cute too! haha