We made it! B's First Birthday!

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  1. Whew, what a year! I can't believe how fast it flew by and now I have a TODDLER!

    Just wanted to share a few photos from his birthday weekend...but first!

    When he was born... he was 5lbs 6oz and 18.5in long (3 weeks early):


    And now... he's a BIG 24lb 31.5in long kiddo:

    First up...his actual birthday. We did a family photo shoot complete with smash cake (which he didn't really smash, but still got everywhere...):



  2. Next...his Birthday Party! We only had about 40ish people at our house...Jungle theme with a Jungle Animal scavenger hunt, pinata and pin the nose on the lion for the games...

    Cocoa Cone favors...

    His birthday cake:

    Grandma being a grandma and offering him a chicken drumstick:

    And...him enjoying his presents...:

    I didn't take that many photos...so I was sad, but he had a blast and was SO good through the whole thing!

    Thanks for letting me share!
  3. Aww looks like he had a great birthday!! Happy Birthday Bronx!!! Love his name BTW!!
  4. Bronx is adorable! Look like everyone had a blast! Happy Birthday Bronx!
  5. Aw, he is sooo adorable! Happy Birthday, Bronx! :Partyhat:
  6. happy birthday to your little one! he's so handsome! :heart:
  7. Happy Birthday Bronx! He's really adorable!! Love the cake :smile:
  8. Happy Birthday B!!
  9. Aww, how adorable!!! Happy Birthday to Bronx!! He's a cutie.
  10. wonderful 1st birthday..here's to many more!
  11. happy 1st Birthday!!! looks like a ton of fun. i can't wait for my LO to have his first bday!

    and BTW i just LOVE that cake!!! it's a work of art!
  12. Looks like fun :smile: Happy Birthday B!
  13. Happy Birthday B ! And I love that cake !
  14. Bronx is so cute. Happy Birthday.....yes, time flies, without you realising it'll be his second birthday in no time.
  15. happy birthday Bronx! What a cutie!!!!