We lust....but cannot afford.....

  1. Why is it the bags $1000.00 OVER my price range are so darn beautiful??

    Here is a great example in Mui Mui, only $1495.00 at Saks.


    It is all your fault that I see these luscious handbags. If I stayed out of the Forum I would be doing something constructive, like dusting the water heater.

    Show me a photo of a bag you lust over...and cannot afford. We will commiserate together. *s
  2. All the bags I lust after are not available in the UK. My latest craving is for a Hayden Harnett.
  3. Me too :crybaby:
  4. Hermes ostrich in some funky color *sigh*
  5. Here's my current lusting

  6. Oh Curl...that is beautiful...I see what you mean.

    What is the brand and price?
  7. Sigh... my list is way too long. Here's just one. Retails for $1695, about three times my budget. :crybaby:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Zoom View [​IMG]
  8. I have been wanting a Chloe Edith in rouge for quite a while. At just under $1300, I can't justify a full price purchase, and I missed it when she was on sale at Aloha Rag last year for 50% off. I would go visit my bag at NM, but then it just became to hard for me to part with her. She looks so cute in my hand! :shame:
  9. I want this one in Blue!!! 1345.00!

  10. It's a Betty by Chloe. I have seen some authentic ones BNWT on eBay for about 50% off retail - originally about $1600.
  11. there's a list, believe me, it's too long to babble about, i might cry. on that list are things like Kooba, Tod's, Hayden Harnett, and Botkier. i will eventually own those bags.

    THIS BAG RIGHT HERE is too damn expensive. i will never pay that much for a bag, i'd rather buy like 5 or more bags from coach haha lol but....

    the Jimmy Choo Mahala in Electric blue is TDF and if i could get it i would get it. the price is just ridiculous.

    1895 *sigh*
    JimmyChoo Mahala Electric blue 1895.jpg
  12. I'd love a Chanel quilted tote, but yeah right!

    And don't get me started on Marc Jacobs...
  13. balenciaga....lots and lots of balenciaga. a purse, a box, a day, and a couple more firsts. the one i have will have to do for now as i'm broke:sad:
  14. Yup I've got my eye on eBay - hoping to catch one in the next month or so :yahoo: