We love LV, but do u use other lower price designer bags still?

  1. Like DB, coach, cole haan, etc?
  2. I have to admit, since I bought my LV BH, I have not used any other bag. I have never felt this way about any bag that I have owned before. I have already bought an MC pochette and a CB cles.

    I think I will still use my off-white Coach satchel since it is a great color. But I think it will be a long time before I buy another bag that is not LV.
  3. Once I started buying LV I found that nothing else is good enough anymore!! Although I still carry Coach every now and then and I have a Gucci that I take out sometimes as well....but 99% of the time I only carry LV.
  4. I used to use some coach bags when I didn't want to risk harming an lv, but my husband bought me my damier speedy to use as my kickin around bag. That speedy is virutally indestructible. I'm giving all my old coach to my sister and mom for Christmas. I hate to see things not getting used when they're perfectly good. So, now I only use lv and I did keep one coach bag that has sentimental value and one coach that I won in a radio contest.
  5. All my bags are high end except my clutches, they vary from 2$ vintage finds from ebay to Gucci/LV etc. I use them all depending on the occation.
  6. i have like three storage bins full of bags I hardly use. They range from Hello Kitty to Juicy Couture and Balenciaga...I guess I will start using bags from there when it rains...
  7. I have a black Coach Patricia's Legacy that has now become my weekend runaround purse. I am sending my brand new MK luggage color shopper's tote to my DD as it is being neglected since Mono Speedy 35 came to town. I have a pretty blue leather Kenneth Cole and a gorgeous Italian red leather purse and some other assorted goodies, but for the most part, during the week and working, I have been carrying my LV and am in LUST with it!
  8. hahaa, I totally bought a Tommy Hilfiger Tote the other day - only $80 and leather!!!
  9. I use my Coach bags,and I love Cole Haan bags.
  10. Yes, bought a great Kenneth Cole bag [​IMG] the other day...as well as come great platforms to match. Love them!!! Got Both for for less than I'd pay for a LV pochette. I love LV, but also enjoy Dooney, Cole-haan and other varietys.
  11. Yes, I do have a bunch of coach bags and accessories that I use.. Because they are all so different in color and style, and I love to throw a coach wristlet into my bag, or depending on where im going and if it isnt suitable to be wearing a higher-end designer bag
  12. i have a coach bag that I still use and love!!! in fact, out of all my designer bags...the one i use the most is my $30 pink Paul Frank bag with the monkey on it! I live in a bad area at the moment and I don't feel safe wearing LV if I am by myself =(
  13. Yes I do, once again I'll say I get way more compliments wearing my $11 Old Navy bag then I do when I wear my LV. Plus I love me some Coach so yeah.
  14. I have 3 coach bags I still carry sometimes. I nice black leather one for when I go into an area I should not be carring LV. IE: Downtown during crowded times (parade's etc). I have the coach Spring/Summer patch work tote. Its pink, green. blue, etc and it is great with certain outfits in the summer. I :heart: this tote. I also have a Coach swing pack that is great for when all I need lipstick, id, and $$ but that's it, like NFL, Baseball games, etc.
  15. Personally, I find some other designer bags a bit more suitable for dressing up occasions. Like... I don't really have a small LV clutch that is good for wedding, or a romantic dinner. So I tend to go for Dior, Fendi, or even Gucci in those occasions. I love my LV for normal daily usage, as most of them are very durable. So... yes... I still buy other designers.