We love Jackie!!!

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  1. Jackie has shown me, personally, tremendous generosity and goodwill. She knows my collection, and can make the right suggestion as to color, style and lifestyle. She knows my college tuition for my kids situation, and knows that I can only buy when she has a sale. And I still get blue chip treatment. PART OF THE FUN OF BE, besides the fabulous handbags IS JACKIE! It's all about the fun, girly world of BE. Here's to you!:woohoo:

    Thanks for making our lives fun and special. :tup:
  2. YAAAAAYYYYY Jackie!!! We love you, and we love Ashley too!:heart::love::flowers:
  3. She's always extremely nice to talk to and very girly and enthusiastic - love it!!
  4. I :heart: Jackie and Ashley!
    The are one in a million. And all you BE forum ladies are pretty cool too!
  5. Jackie....I do love you!!! You're insanely talented and I'm THRILLED that you design such amazing handbags.......

    Your handbags are the staple of my collection!!!

    :heart: YOU Sweetie!!!
  6. I LOVE Jackie and Ashley! They are the most amazing women who are so willing to help you out. Thank you Jackie and Ashley for aways being so patient and kind to me. I feel like you ladies are my friends.:heart:
  7. I absolutely agree with the above....:tup:!
  8. Jackie is the best, she answered all my stupid and weird questions even though I have not made a purchase from her yet.
  9. Absolutely! Jackie and Ashley have always been so kind and professional. I think that's why I have multiple bags from BE! I love the personal service!
  10. I LOVE Jackie and Ashley! They were so kind and attentive when I was making my first purchase! Definitely some of the nicest people in the world of luxury!
  11. Jackie and Ashley have always been most attentive to any needs or concerns I've had. Even before my first purchase, you wouldn't believe the questions I asked, which were promptly answered!! It's lovely to see my feedback on their website, and I truly appreciate the personable and unique service they offer, oh and the lovely exchange of emails! Loving it! :smile:
  12. Jackie and ashley are da-bomb! Jackie has always answered my questions promptly and has always suggested to me looks that I may like. this duo is great!
  13. She did the custom order for my purple Love Me with silver hardware.....she has my undying devotion!
  14. Same here!
    I don't know how she puts up with me!

    I love her for it tho! And I will buy soon!
  15. Jackie is the best! I have never seen customer service like this company, I just ordered my first BE and it won't be my last!