We love, babyseat, clean, polish, protect etc etc our bags..what would you do if...

  1. your moving company treat your bag like this?:cursing:
    I guess Kate Moss does not care, this is her junk when she was moving away from London last November, look at that LV crushed by that big luggage:crybaby:

  2. Ouch, that hurts my eyes! That poor suitcase :sad:
  3. its dead! R.I.P suitcase..... snif snif!
  4. Reason why I don't splurge in Name brand suitcases, once they get inside the plain, you can't control how they care for them, I don't mind a carry on, because I know they are with me 100% of the time.
  5. First, I would never leave my bag out in the open. All bags would be packed in some kind of boxes .That picture is sad.
  6. befor I read it was kate moss' I thought it was yours! I was so upset for u! But i dnt care 4 her, kate moss is someone whom I have very little respect for.
  7. I would NEVER leave my bags for moving company to handle. they would be in my car with me.

    But I guess when you have money like they do, it doesnt matter

  8. I will most likely never buy LV luggage for that reason, and if it did I wouldn't let if out of my sight. On my last trip my bag was really beat up and the luggage tag was torn off it.
  9. C'mon guys! To Kate LV luggage is like Samsonite to me and you. I am a firm believer that when you spend as much as we do on LV bags/luggage, it's better to use it. I check my keepall ALL the time. I don't put shining monkey on any of my bags. I wear my bags in the rain.:nuts: I don't obsess over my bags developing patina. They are JUST BAGS! LV or not.:flowers:
  10. OUCH! Poor baby!
  11. I don't put shining monkey on any of my bags. I wear my bags in the rain.:

    Lv_Addict- how does the leather 'weather' (pardon the pun) when rained on? Do the spots even out over time? thanks!
  12. If vachetta has developed patina already, the watermarks don't show. I got stuck in the rain with my brand new MC Alma and virgin patina did stain but I got rid of the waterspots with baby wipes.