We know when the Saks 2nd cut slae starts, but what about Neimans or Nordstroms?

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  1. Hi ladies :P ,
    I was just wondering if anyone knew if NM has their 2nd cut sale at the same time as Saks does? Also what about Nordstroms?
    Thanks in advance!:heart:
  2. Good question! I was wondering about Neiman's second cut!
  3. My understanding is that neiman's follows a very similarl schedule as Saks as they all have stores in the same markets. But, I think Neiman's second cuts are not as steep as Saks.
  4. Hi, Neimans 2nd cut on tuesday Dec 26th, 25-30% off. I recieved the postcard last night.:yes:
  5. ^ thanks Janice!!!!

    writetoshirley - ah yes, i've noticed that saks sales discounts are always greater than neimans.
  6. ditto...i got the card too. also got a card for off 5th - 25% off your entire purchase from 8 am to noon on the 26th, then 30% off one item for the rest of the week.
  7. thanks! it sucks that neimans deals aren't as steep as saks are......maybe thats why my houston galleria saks has very few bags on the tablecompared to neimans! LOL!
  8. Saks online marked down tons of stuff!


    Hope this helps!
  9. ^^Thank you!
  10. Love2shop, did you notice if Nieman had any Etro bags on the table by chance? didn't get to there on Saturday was just at Saks and dropped off a couple of MJ bags I ordered but didn't want to keep lol .. too many bags to choose from this season and haven't found one to stick with yet
  11. umm i don't remember but i am pretty sure i saw some last year during the x-mas sales if that helps! lol
  12. I stopped by NM today and they had marked down all of their sale stuff an additional 30% already. Scored a Robert Rodriquez dress for 50% off!
  13. I called Neiman Marcus at Beverly Hills to ask if they had any sales on the bags and NO, they don't. :sad: I asked if they were going to have any after Christmas sales and the handbags SA Tracy said she didn't know. Aaagh! I want a Chloe Tracy bag!
  14. Will Neiman's Presale The 2nd Cuts Or Hold Them For Customers To Pick Up On The 26th?
  15. generally Saks and Neimans won't hold for the add'l percentage b/c its such a great sale. Sometimes they would though!