we know coach is made in china but gucci and prada ? ( taken from main forum)

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  1. i was redaing thru teh main forum and happen to come across this thread and was veru intersting b/c i have heard many say how coach is not a luxury brand b/c it is made in china and so on but this NY TIMES article is very intersting so i wondre what these people who look down on coach and swear by gucci and prada think now and what are your reactions to this article ... all i can say is Coach is at least trutheful

  2. No matter what other luxury houses do, I don't feel bad about Coach being made in China because they are at least honest about what they are doing. Besides, their leathers are made in America and their jacquard is made somewhere else (Italy I think) and so the bags being assembled in China doesn't bother me at all. Besides, if I really had a problem with things being made in China I would have to stop doing everything in life.
  3. Very interesting article. Sheds light on a lot of things. I am Chinese (although "made in Taiwan" not China! *LOL*) but I'm all about honesty! It does appear that Coach is the only HONEST designer brand! They even indicate where it's made on a leather Creed! Whereas the other brands seem to LIE about where the majority of their products are produced or by whom. Shame on them!
  4. Yup. That is why I really only want to buy Coach and Hermes, and I have heard that that luxury goods book had good things to say about Chanel as well, so I will probably go ahead and buy a jumbo flap eventually :smile:

    Honesty, people!
  5. Yes I would prefer for Coach (and all other brands) to be made in the USA, but that is not the world we live in. So buy what you like and don't worry about it.
  6. ^^^:tup: I think it is important to be an educated consumer.
  7. That is why I don't buy logo goods such as that anymore. I'm not paying a lot of money for anything made in china. Notice I said A LOT meaning I think big companies are taking advantage of chinese labor and are more concerned about making more profit above all else. While they're sitting back and laughing that they can sell some canvas and a bit of leather for 600 which materials probably accounted for a small percentage, they are making major profit. They are luxury brands for a reason and they are making MAJOR profit off people so they least they can do is make their bags in other places beside china. But the bottom line unfortunately for companies is just profit, not much else. You can't say they bag companies are going broke. In fact, they're just raising prices higher and that doesn't exactly mean quality with all the defects I read about in major brands such as chanel (links), etc.

    As for cheap stuff from china? At least they're honest about it and aren't making major gains as handbag companies are. Although I know I don't have a zero percent home free of china goods, I can say when I have a choice between two options I pick the one made in another country.