We just got great news!

  1. My boyfriend just got the job he wanted!

    I'm still all shakey and teary so I apologize if I'm rambly and not making much sense... anyhow, he graduated college this past December and has been job hunting since then (for a "real" job instead of his student labor at the university). The job market in our area is awful right now, and he's only gotten a few interviews. There are so many people applying for anything with benefits, even janitorial jobs with terrible hours and that don't require a degree are getting bombarded with people applying.

    Anyhow, he was applying for anything and everything, but there was one job that he actually wanted, because it seemed like something he'd really enjoy doing. They gave him a phone interview and that went well, but then about a month went by and they still hadn't made up their minds and we were kind of losing hope. Then he got a second interview and had to travel for it, and it went really well. Our hopes were up again.

    Well then they called him the following week and told him they decided to go with the other person they interviewed for our area (who had more experience), but the guy was impressed with him (my boyfriend) and so they offered him the same job in a different area. Unfortunately it's not an area where he/we wanted to live, so he sadly declined.

    We were both crushed. This job would mean so much for us. We're both just college students that are doing our best to get by, neither of us has health insurance, we both pay all of our own bills and our tuition without parental help, etc. and we're struggling to get on with our lives. We've been frustrated with it all, you know? You get to a point where you want to move on with life.

    He got home today and gave me a little present and a bottle of wine and an "I'm sorry" card (we had been fighting a bit the past few days), and we talked things out and things felt good. Then he told me he got the job! The guy called him back a little while ago and said they worked things out and that he could have that job and still work in this area. I'm still in shock, I started crying and we're both just so excited. This means such big changes for us. It's very decent pay for our area, good benefits, etc. We can look to move out and find a nicer apartment (then hopefull eventually a house!).

    I'm just so happy that I had to share! :yahoo: :drinkup:
  2. Yeah!!!! So Happy For You Both!!!
  3. Such great news, sounds like it couldnt happen to two nicer people either :smile:

    Many congratulations to you both
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  5. That's so exciting! Congratulations.
  6. YAAAY! :wlae::wlae::wlae:Congras!
  7. Good on you guys!!! I think that was meant to be by the sounds of it!! They obviously have lots of faith in him by not giving up on him!!! You should do a little surprise for him too - if you didn't already!!!
  8. Thanks everyone!

    We have a busy weekend ahead of us, but I'm going to try to sneak him away and take him out to dinner to congratulate him.

    Anyone have any ideas for a small gift? He's not into anything designer (so no LV wallets, haha), but I'd love some suggestions on something to get him for a congrats gift.
  9. How about a business card holder?
  10. Would he appreciate a nice pen?
  11. Hmm, I'm not sure... I'm thinking maybe a nice briefcase and/or a good planner? I'm sure he'll need both.
  12. o wow congrats to your bf and you!

    a nice work bag would be a nice thing to give him since he will be able to use it everyday for his wonderful new job. maybe a leather messenger bag? a halliburton briefcase? or a traditional briefcase? i'm sure you know what is appropriate for his job.
  13. that's fantastic news!!!!!!!
  14. Congratulations!
  15. Wow, I am so happy to hear this news! That really is stressful, looking and looking..Congrats!