We have tPF and our SO have...

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  1. So we have tPF where some of us (ok, me!) impractically live in, but what forum does our SO frequent to obsessively chat about their addiction?

    My BF visits myis because he loves mod-ing his Lexus IS.

    I thought it would be interesting to see what our SO have in common (besides purse loving SO that is).

    What's your SO's "tPf"?
  2. His M3 forum...he goes on there ALL the time! He also goes to other BMW and car forums as well as watch forums.
  3. ^I bet one of them is bimmerfest, my bf likes to listen to the car revving???:confused1:
  4. I don't have an SO, but I view both "guy" and "girl" forums so I don't need one I guess. :PI also frequent a Porsche Boxster forum and recently joined a Ferrari forum. And there is another tpf'er on the Ferrari forum.

    I started a thread on the Boxster forum with a pic of Ashley Tisdale in CLs and a Boxster gave a link to tpf, and they all started talkin about purses and shoes. It was pretty funny.
  5. My husband doesnt have his own forum that he goes on..he barely gets online...he actually sits down at my desk sometimes when I get up and browses through the forum to see whats "poppin". LOL. He once said he wanted to make a ID for himself and join in since I seem to have so much fun here!
  6. Fantasy Baseball.
  7. My DH frequents 6 speed online or something like that and the Rolex forums...
  8. Mr Puff engages in detailed and extended discussions of a variety of ball throwing activities with friends and family members.

    Sometimes they gather downstairs to view these activities on television and emit cries that I suppose denote intense interest. And they bounce. It is very cute to watch.
  9. BF doesn't go to forums....but his current addiction is madden/NFL head coach lol.
  10. He visits bodybuilding.com and another forum I am not allowed to speak of :rolleyes:
  11. World of warcraft and addictinggames.com.... He plays game all day long. I surf TPF all day long
  12. our world of warcraft guild's forums (although I go there too) and bensbargains/slickdeals

    also walkthroughs for final fantasy games he's played 5093473294293 times
  13. My hubby surfs the treasure hunting forums...........
  14. my BF and his buddy started a successful forum of their own, he'd be on it 24/7 if he could
  15. He doesn't go into forums.....but I believe he goes onto sports sites. Specifically football.