We have the Kelly, then the Birkin, what next?

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  1. Although we have things like Victoria (which perhaps was made for Victoria Beckham, but I doubt it), who do you think the next iconic H bag should be made for? I vote for Angelina Jolie. Would be cool if we have Jolie bag :smile: I think though, to be iconic the bag has to have that harware that Birkin and Kelly have as evidently they are still the most popular after all......
  2. Don't forget, also, the Constance was, at one point, referenced as "Jackie O's bag".
  3. i do not want any of these days so called celebs to be a reference for hermès ! i also love that they do not gicve away freebies or use celebs in any way to portray the brand
  4. I agree with you Lilach. I am so glad that H does not use celebs in their ads!
  5. I agree with lilach and sus!

    I like how Patrick Thomas said "We don't really deal with the celebrities. We are who we are. We are Hermes. We are very proud of being Hermes, which may sound a little French when I say, but no. We are not really dealing with this question of celebrities."
  6. A bag named after Britney would be great. The Britney bag.

    It would be like the Medor pochette but instead of being a clutch bag, it would have a sling like the Constance so that it could be slung over the shoulder. Inside would be about 8 compartments, 4 on each side, that would comfortably house condoms.

    It would only be available in one color: rose shocking.

    Perfect for a night of clubbing.
  7. I agree with you.

    The next iconic bag should be a functional ladies messenger bag, don't care who it's named after, that's the bag I'd love to see, maybe at around $5,000. Actually it already had a name the Her-Mess bag.
    Ok that is bad
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao: That's funny!!

  9. A Sophia (for Sophia Loren) would be great.
  10. Haha, well with H's tounge in cheek bag names from time to time (Quelle Idole) it's not totally out of the question. ;)
  11. A Jolie bag could be the first official H diaper bag!!! :idea:
  12. I like the Jolie diaper bag idea, that is a good one.
  13. LOL Allan!
  14. I agree with this as well. These so-called celebs would not be doing the Hermes image any favors with all of their scandal-filled life styles. I believe that Hermes would want to keep their image above all the crass behavior of the so-called celebs of today.
  15. Well, I thought the recentish Lindy was named after Lindberg, the aviator style bag.

    I do like the idea of "tribute" names, to honour someone after their passing. Didn't Elle McPhereson get that shoe-bag style named or nicknamed after her, too? She is very classy to me though, I admire her.

    Although a Jolie diaper bag would be great fun, she has still yet to live her gorgeous life and being the wild-child that she was (is, down deep, if you ask me ;)) not sure H would wanna partner up so soon after her... settling down. JMO