We have seen Gwen change over the years. Where do u see yourself in 10 years?

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  1. My 8 year old is talkin my ear off...so I am coming up with threads so that I look busy. He is sick and should sleep. He is counting his $44 that he counts everyday (LOL) making sure no one took a quarter. He said, just $44! I am broke! LOL,:roflmfao: kids!
  2. LOL you have to look busy so he'll quit buggin ya about his money, that's adorable. :P I'm sure you don't think it's so cute sometimes though.
  3. Lmao! If I'd had $44 when I was 8 I would've felt like a rich woman!!! Of course $44 went a lot further back then.

    In 10 years I see myself married possibly a child, living somewhere in the south where I no longer have to deal with SNOW. I would hope that I'd still be rockin my LAMB but since gas will probably be $15 a gallon by then I'll probably be carrying a Walmart bag everywhere. :wtf:
  4. In 10 years I will have a 14 year old (Egads :wtf:!!!!) and an 11 year old (holy cow :shocked:!!!). I hope to be a partner in my firm, and have built a new house by then preferably further out of town on a bit of land. My husband and I will be able to travel again by then (hooray!:yahoo:) But above all, I hope to still carry kick A** bags :smile:
  5. God, how crazy. 10 years is such a long time.
    I have always said I am going to die at the age of 30, and I am currently 18. So I guess I'll be getting near? Haha. I know, freaky thing to say, right?
    I don't see myself married, but working A LOT and living in a big city, but noware everyone would expect.
    Jeez, 10 years. Whoa!
  6. Ten years from now my kids will be 20 and 18, and I would be married for 20 years! WOW! I see us building our second home, traveling, and really enjoying life since our kids will be in college. COLLEGE! 10 years is not that long away. I hope my sister has a baby by then so that I can have my own niece or nephew..I hope to still be stylin and profilin with whatever is hawt.
  7. Unless you are ill and have been told that stop it..still even then stop it. Get those thoughts out of your head. The law of attraction is power. Attract life and joy to yourself, see that at 30..only good things. Change those thoughts today chickie...:woohoo:

  8. very, very good advice brick :yes: