We have our own mod! Welcome baglady39!

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  1. I just saw that we have our own mod, baglady39! Welcome baglady39! Glad to see you here :smile:
  2. ^^ Hee, hee, Oopsy, I think I just posted a thread on top of yours!! Sorry about that...
  3. Thanks for the welcome, BTW!! :hugs:
  4. It's funny, I always thought we had a LAMB mod but it was an all super powerful invisible one....:weird::P
  5. ^^Yeah
  6. The global mods (amanda & Cristina) and admins (Megs, Vlad, Swanky Mama of Three, etc) have been taking care of us while we were mod-less.
  7. baglady39, I was so excited to see we got a mod, I posted before you got a chance to introduce yourself. Sorry :shame:
  8. Some mods are harsh, but it's nice to know that you have a great reputation, Baglady39! I won't call any mod names out, though. I'm just relieved to see you here!
  9. Yay for our own mod! Hi baglady39!!! ;)
  10. RaeBelle, it's not a problem!! Thanks for introducing and welcoming me!! It's honestly something I should have already done, but I have been away and then some other things came up this week!

    I will probably not be online much this weekend either...we had some things planned, and then my mom was taken to ER the other night. She has been in and out of the hospital since Feb, and she has pneumonia as well as some other ongoing issues (she's been in assisted living). Things are better, so I hope it will calm down for me after the weekend, and I properly devote time over here.

    As far as mods go, you know, sometimes I think what happens is that we post in haste without really thinking about the context and that it may come off as abrasive to the poster. It's just that sometimes we have a lot to take care of, and I know I have been guilty of doing that when I need to quickly address the issue and move on...especially when it's on a post that we have to edit and leave a comment. It's not that I mean to be abrasive or rude in any way, and I forget that text context can be difficult. I can understand how a poster might feel when he/she comes back to read that, and it's plastered on the public thread. So please let me know if I ever do that, as it's not intended, and I will do my best to correct it because I promise it's never anything personal! I don't want problems to fester up, and I want everyone to feel comfortable to participate in this wonderful community!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!!
  11. Sorry to hear about your Mom BL:hugs: Are you the closest (distance wise) to her?
  12. Hope everything goes better for you Baglady39! Prayers to you and your family.
  13. ^^ Thanks guys for asking and for your prayers!! Unfortunately, she's in TN, I'm in NJ, and I'm the only child too...so the situation is not that great!! My dad died in 2003, so it's really just me dealing with her now, but I also have a caregiver I hired. It's just that I am POA and everything else, and she was always 100% resistant to moving here and also into any assisted living, but once the Alzheimer's got bad enough, and she fell and broke her hip in Feb, then we were able to get her at least temporarily to assisted living for Alzheimer's patients. There have been some problems, though, and she's been in and out of the hospital so much that I don't know when or if it would be feasible to move her here. So I'm going to have to spend some major time down there again dealing with property, etc, and I was hoping after dealing with the crises, we could get her here where it's easier on me.

    Also guys, I stickied your chat thread for now, and we will definitely work on adding structure to this forum. So keep the ideas coming!!
  14. ^^Yay for the sticky!!

    So sorry that you are dealing with so much like that. I lived in NJ before- ugh- I have to say- that state turns my stomach. Yeah, it has its' good points, but the insane cost of living- eeeeeeeekkkkkkk! Moved out of NJ right before the Sept. 11 attacks happened and have only been back to visit once. I miss being so close to NYC, AC and Philly, but that's about it.
  15. BL - I have a few neighbors that are going through the same thing. A couple of their loved ones are in assisted living and are so far gone mentally, they can't even recall their old house, lifestyle, etc. Which is good in a way, but then the family had to settle the estate (as you know can be very time consuming, and frustrating). Then there is the neighbor whose Father just won't die, kinda of like a zombie. That man has had a heart attack, multiple strokes, and hit by a car. He refuses to move into an assisted living center, and has jumbled up the remains of the estate so badly the lawyer fees will probably end up more than what the estate is worth.

    It's going to take a lot of time, and patience but you'll get through it. When it is finally settled you will feel a giant weight lifted off your shoulders.