We Have Heard This A Million Times Before :(

  1. We have probably all dealt with this some time or another, but the frustration never goes away.

    I had a Balenciaga listed with a BEST OFFER option and I ended it for the bidder. Then, a few hours later, the buyer informs me that they will only pay via PP. My auction CLEARLY CLEARLY states what I accept. The buyer emails me saying that they will only pay via PP and that they are uncomfortable with sellers that use Bidpay. Hello????? My auction listing was VERY CLEAR and all terms were spelled out. An 8 year old child could have understood it! No offense to 8 year olds! I went ahead and did a relist since the buyer has already stated that they will not pay with anything but PP. What nerve to bid and then casually just say that they won't follow through with the auction terms.

    Sorry....just had to vent. This is like a therapy session! Just had to let it out :crybaby:
  2. Cant you file a non-paying bidder thing, that way you get fees back?
    Sorry this happened to you :sad: *hugs*
  3. Yes, and I definitely will after the 7 day waiting period! The buyer just emailed me again stating for me to go ahead and "relist" the bag and to file a "mutual agreement to cancel the transaction" with eBay. I'm like, "thanks for the permission to relist and file to get all my fees back"!! :rolleyes: But I won't file it as "mutual". The decision to not pay was theirs, not mine........
  4. You Go Girl!!!!
    I'm going to start not accepting paypal also and only bidpay, do you know if buyers are protected?
  5. Wait out the 7 days as if you file the mutual agreement thing and she decides not to complete it then you won't get your fees back. It's a pain you won't get your listing fees back either.
    I wish people would read the description before bidding too, it's so time consuming!

  6. Yes, buyers are protected! Plus, since they can only pay with a Visa or Mastercard, they could do a dispute with their CC company. But buyers do have protection. Not sure how it compares with PP, but I believe that since buyers pay with a CC, that is their protection with Bidpay. Bidpay has been sooo nice to deal with. They did make me verfify my identity, bank acct, etc. Plus you can't use them to SELL until you have a minimum of 10 positive feedback. They are tough on buyers too. If your feedback doesn't look just right, then they will decline you as a buyer on a particular transaction. This of course is on a case by case basis. It doesn't mean that they won't approve the next transaction. They are just as strict as PP.

    My buyer wanted to use her PP because she says that she has $1000.00 in it. Though her most recent eBay feedback is from a year ago!!!

    Excuses, excuses. She just changed her mind and wants an out!
  7. Well good luck with the sale & sorry for the hassle!
  8. ahh so sorry, it is very frustrating.

    You know, I dont think half the time that people that put in the best offer, actually realise that it is a contract! its almost like, oh I will try my luck and see how it goes!

    sorry you have had a rubbish day, eBay buyers, are unfortunately, sometimes dumb!! ;)
  9. Bidpay/Western Union doesn't protect the buyer at all:yucky:
    I paid by Bidpay for two different occasions during the earlier ebay days, both sellers did not send my items to me and ignored all my further emails to them. Ebay did NOTHING for me:cursing: I called my CC but they couldn't help me either as the BidPay Money Order had already been cashed.:cursing: So from then on, I refuse to use Bidpay at all unless I am so desperate and out of my mind!:push:
  10. Aww, soliel :sad: Sorry about that, there are some nasty people around :sad: *hugs*
  11. Thanks VenetiaWanter:love:
  12. You vent away! I too have had a buyer recently who decided to read the listing terms only after he won and item and then disagreed with them - it takes an age, is endlessly frustrating but you will win this and I think you are right to pursue the NPB strike/fee reimbursement rather than the fantasy 'mutual agreement' option.
  13. By placing a bid, the buyer has basically agreed to everything that's stated in the auction, including the payment method. So you have every right to relist and leave said buyer a negative feedback:yahoo: For buyer like this, you practically have to highlight and super-bold the phrase

    Good luck with your sale ROMIE-OMIE:flowers:
  14. Sorry to hear that happened:yucky: .

    The only good news is that Bidpay has changed soooo much and is no longer Western Union plus they no longer accept Money Orders. That is a thing of the past! They only accept Visa and Mastercard, which now gives buyer protection. :smile:
  15. That is so irritating. How hard is it to read the auction? If people are trying to be sooo "careful" why can't they bother to read the auction?!?!